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A great deal of the work I do is given away for no charge because I want to help those who are on the same path as I am. There is a cost involved in keeping up free resources as they are not free to make. Please support these resources where possible, I have a number of ways to do that. For the The Shiny Show there is our Redbubble Account where you can buy memorabilia, here is the LINK .

For my efforts in creating meditation recordings, blog resources and such things which require software and a great deal of time please support me through either donations


Or please go to my Deviant Art Account and purchase a print, or purchase one of my books.Thank you in advance for your support.

My present journey is leading me to full ascension with my higher self. For regular updates on this please go to my Facebook group where we have a lot of fun and join us there LINK

I am a channelling medium and spiritual healer. That is where my work began and I enjoy exploring the unknown. I do not proclaim anything magnificent but I am usually quite accurate, I read energy and seek advice from the spirit world, your spirit team, mine, the angelic realms and so on. I seek information that is of the highest order for my clients. My personal ascension has lead me on a merry song and dance but I'm still available for readings despite the hard yards I am travelling, please click HERE for bookings

The world and its Astral plains, is quite a strange place and I explore it with as much attention as possible, this has lead to many interesting pieces of information, some is weirder than I am and I look forward to working with you at your level to find your answers with you. I am not a match for every client but I do my best to satisfy your needs in every reading.

My Work with Erik Medhus as one of my main guides is a fascinating and fun guide top have on my team. I could not be here without his guidance...

I met Erik on one of my sojourns through YouTube looking for answers to the big questions such as, why am I here, because for many years I could not see that there was even a point to being human – there had to be so much more. After doing a bit of a marathon on pretty much every video that his mother, Elisa Medhus, put out with Jamie Butler, and then into the blog archives too, the spirit of Erik came bouncing into my life like a freight train and I’ve never looked back. He trained me to be a medium with my gifts and his teachings got me through very difficult circumstances during that time. I am forever grateful to him for the work that he and his mother have done and for the help that they have both given me in getting back on my feet in such an amazing adventure we call life. Erik loves to help anyone who is involved with the blog directly and helps everyone else in readings indirectly as one of my guides.

My Work as an Artist and Writer

My book with the Carry On Team was published December 2016 and has made a lot of people happy. It is avaialble as a digital copy now from Amazon. Here is the spine text

Carry On Heavenly is entertaining, compelling and downright funny at times. Whether you already have knowledge and understanding of life ‘beyond the veil’ or whether you are a fan of the Carry On movies, this book has something to entertain and engage you.

In this, her first novel in this style, Alison Allan explores a feel-good side of the psychic medium while also managing to explore some of life’s most difficult questions. As well as investigating some of the most challenging questions of our time, Alison brings humour and insight into the lives of many members of the cast and crew of the Carry On franchise who have passed over, bringing a message of peace and hope for what may happen on the other side, through the veil.

No matter what you may believe, Carry On Heavenly is entertaining and thought provoking

My two currently in-print books are The Aldoran Saga: Dark Hearts and Dragons & The Aldoran Saga: The Prophecy; Come the Pretender both available as hard copy or digital copy from Amazon.com Amazon.co.uk Amazon.com.au

I also channel art either from my own team or from yours if you wish to commission me. Please message me HERE for that service and please check out my Deviant Art Gallery and for prints, click HERE