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A dragon quest, a princess and a love story all rolled into one novel where many characters learn about there magical abilities along the way, while going up against the horrors of battle against an insipid dark and evil Prince. The Princess must appease the Dragon-lords to make them allies and finds herself being used as a pawn in a game that she has to win or certain death follows, there is no way out now the events have begun. Princess Aleeah believes if she can just make allies of the Draco Tribes she will be able to win against her enemy from across the Aldoran Straights, she hires Alden, a Dragonologist, to help her communicate with the Dragon Tribes. Much to her ignorance of worldly affairs she ends up on a wild goose chase to help the Dragons on their own quest and in the process unleashes an arcane power incarcerated for it's manipulation of the timelines and many other deeds against the past history of the planet. The quest gets even more dastardly as they continue on after inducting the Mage Xylon's help. Aleeah gives herself up to the enemy to save her father the old King and meets another mage, Cullen, who befriends her but it's too late to save her from tyranny. The final Battle see's Princess Aleeah corrupted by an enchantment while Xylon and Alden are away to help find the Dragons who have disappeared from their home in the North Albion - total destruction is but a heartbeat away.....

To purchase the paperback version please go to the following link: USA UK

To purchase the E edition please go to one of the following links   : USA UK AUSTRALIA

The Aldoran Saga  


Princess Aleeah's Granddaughter Tama inherits the legacy that she left from her quest against the Dark Hearts - the prophecy brings Tama out of the world of childhood and literally throws her into the world of an adult when her parents, King Husienna and his wife are murdered outside the Rainbow City. She is forced to go on a quest to stop the destruction of her planet, she finds betrayal, love and heartbreak along the way to waking up the earthbound spirit of Killan to help them and discovers for herself that the protected world of the child is really a world full of dark magic and warped phenomena. Her quest takes her to the far reaches of the land, to sacred grounds; both inwardly and outwardly she journeys towards her own demise

To purchase the paperback please go to the following link: USA UK

To purchase the E edition please go to one of the following links: USA UK AUSTRALIA