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Chapter 15:

Hattie Jacques Alison: Hi, Hattie.

Hattie: Hello, Alison.

Alison: How are you?

Hattie: Oh I’m fine, I really am. I could feel your concern while watching some of my biography but you really ought not to worry. Yes I had my moments but the truth is, my life was...


Please read Part 1 first


So after the interview with Mimi on Psychic Punx – Al hung around on my side of the Atlantic and we talked more – he was still flirting with me too so we set up a date for when I eventually get there but that ws all in fun and his character –...

We talk about the dimensional planes in numbers when the fact of the matter is that they really don’t have a number, (numbers imply a hierarchy but there is no hierarchy in spirit, there is only different functions). The numbering system serves a purpose which for us s...

Follow-up Afterlife Interview with Gerald Gardner – Wiccan Extraordinaire. We finished the YouTube interview and Gerald was watching me process the video and generally chatting and I felt like he still had more to say so I thought nothing ventured nothing gained and in...

Rik showed up today when my friend Mimi and I were chatting about him. This afternoon I could feel him still around me and see him in my third eye so I asked him to verify his presence. He said what would you like me to do and promptly snorted like his alter ego Rick i...

About a week go we were driving out of the Australian Desert back to the coast and I was filling in time doing EFT routines and making various statements in my head. The statements became like musical chants with multiple voices joining in with me - I thought how nice...

When I was studying art a question came up about turn of the 19th century artists, modern art, abstract, etc and I followed my nose and found myself interested in abstract art - this led me to Wassily Kandinsky and past life memories surfaced with him as a friend of hi...

Copyright 2015 Alison Ailfinn Allan

I feel quite blessed to be doing this interview as this gentleman came to me through another medium, John Henderson. Noel Coward (1899 to 1973) has made a friend of John and asked him to talk to me about an interview so that is quite...

Two Days ago I hopped in the shower like any other day, and I could see a Chinese looking man in my third eye, he was wearing a traditional silk gown, his arms folded and hidden in the large bell sleeves, his hair is tied up in a traditional way. He seemed very much wi...

21st Prime Minister Gough Whitlam has the dubious honour of being sacked from parliament by the Governor General, John Kerr in 1975. The Labor Government had taken office after 23 years of Liberal Rule. There are several books on the subject but as he's now accessible...

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