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I was asked to talk about the higher-self perspective given our recent expose into the subject on Shiny Chat for a bit of fun. I guess the subject is also a pet project as I seem to write about it at every opportunity.

I ran with the idea that anyone can be contacted, l...

If you’re reading about the spirit for the first time then this is quite an advanced discussion so you may need to get some grounding on the subject first – I highly recommend you read either Dolores Cannon Books or go to the http://www.channelingerik.com archives as t...

I'm still in awe of what happened yesterday - I felt this powerful energy around me and we already had a guest lined up but I said to Kari we have to do two videos today cause source is here and it feels important to do this as well - I'm being told not to worry the qu...

Alison: So he we are again and you’ve been chatting to my friend Lauren about politics so I thought let’s go there – we already know your thoughts about religion – can’t wait to hear this too [laughter].

Graham: Yes well you know I’ve been thinking about that and as rel...

I’ve been after Graham Chapman for quite some time and its’ taken a great deal of effort and intent to get him here. I have just connected with him tonight – he’s standing up in a yellow skivvy, Houndstooth jacket and slacks with his arms folded looking every bit the i...

Can we really detach from that which we think we are and what exactly is that anyway? These questions came to me last night as I worked with a spirit on an interview and also again this morning I pondered it after getting a profound message from Erik Medhus (from chann...

A: Hey Marc

M: Hey

A: You have a very sweet and unobtrusive energy, it’s lovely. What made you pop in for a chat?

M: Well it’s the thing now you know, there’s a lot of the spirits taking up this new opportunity to speak posthumously and with the big focus on Dave Bowie an...


Please read Part 1 first


So after the interview with Mimi on Psychic Punx – Al hung around on my side of the Atlantic and we talked more – he was still flirting with me too so we set up a date for when I eventually get there but that ws all in fun and his character –...

I’ve been feeling Oscar Wilde around on and off for a couple of weeks his energy reminds me of Noel Coward’s very light-hearted but also at times broken by the lives they lived. He also came through with an Irish accent which was unexpected even though he was born Iris...

We talk about the dimensional planes in numbers when the fact of the matter is that they really don’t have a number, (numbers imply a hierarchy but there is no hierarchy in spirit, there is only different functions). The numbering system serves a purpose which for us s...

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