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Carry On Heavenly Released 1st Dec 2016!! A Channelled Book by Alison Allan.

Carry On Heavenly is entertaining, compelling and downright funny at times. Whether you already have knowledge and understanding of life ‘beyond the veil’ or whether you are a fan of the Carry On movies, this book has something to entertain and engage you.


In this, her first novel in this style, Alison Allan explores a feel-good side of the psychic medium while also managing to explore some of life’s most difficult questions. As well as investigating some of the most challenging questions of our time, Alison brings humour and insight into the lives of many members of the cast and crew of the Carry On franchise who have passed over, bringing a message of peace and hope for what may happen on the other side, through the veil.


No matter what you may believe, Carry On Heavenly is entertaining and thought provoking

Kindle Version: A Heavenly Carry On

Foreword by Kari Mena
I’ve been invited by my best girl Alison to write the foreword to her latest book, Carry On Heavenly. “And I’ll need it by the end of the week, right. Brilliant. Thanks Babes.” One week! I hadn’t finished a book in over two years and now I had to read a whole book in a matter of days AND write something spectacular about it. Still, I was up for the challenge and very honoured for the opportunity. I started reading right away and then I couldn’t stop.
Sure, I had a short deadline, but it was the content that kept me glued to its pages. I had never heard of the show Carry On and didn’t know any of the players but their personalities came right through and I found them all to be very charming. Those that are fans will find the interaction and reminiscing of old friends delightful.


The fun doesn’t stop there though. These pages are packed with one of a kind insights from across the veil. Some passages are so informative and validating that I was brought to tears. Others are mind blowing and had me staring wide-eyed and jaw-dropped in amazement. The topics discussed, from self-love to quantum entanglement, come from the perspective of those that have the benefit of easily accessing knowledge from the spirit world, knowledge that we here on earth find so elusive. During these discussions, the cast retain their comedic and bantering personalities, making everything feel light and entertaining, yet remaining both obviously and covertly insightful.


Alison is a beacon to those on both sides and a gift to everyone who has ever had the pleasure to know her. It is clear in her interactions with the Carry On family that they have become very fond of her, and her them. I can vouch for that exchange; once I connect with a spirit, I feel love and gratitude for them that I’ll carry with me until I meet up with them back Home, until I Carry On Heavenly.


Alison’s talent for writing and her knowledge of the metaphysical combined with her mediumship skills all play a part in this illuminating and fascinating account of a soul family reunited on the flip side.