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Please read: all the information you require is here and contained in the confirmation emails. Be sure to put your correct email address down and check you spam folders for replies

ALL appointments are by Skype, Google Hangouts, or Facebook Messenger. What ever your chosen method is to communicate, you will need to contact me with a request and note it on the booking. Phone only available if you have no other way of contacting Alison. When you're asked for your Skype name but want to use Messenger or Google hangouts then just put that in the box instead. Then send me a request for those services.


Please read this disclaimer before booking as it is agreed to as a default of booking:

This is not a substitute service for professional, financial, medical and legal services or any other service where a professional is qualified to assist you. This service is for entertainment purposes only. Not all clients and readers are a good match. Alison is an empath so how you feel at the time, Alison will feel too, if you're nervous she will feel your nerves and it is recommended that you meditate for ten minutes beforehand so your energy is as high as it can be, take deep breaths and let any nervous feelings go. This will lead to a better connection to your energy field and your spirit team. Low vibrational energies lead to disconnection from spirit, and a blocking of information flow. A refund policy is in place should the two parties not be a good energetic match.

Please follow the instructions as missed or late appointments will not be refunded. Late attendees will need to reschedule before the scheduled appointment time. Cancelled appointments will not be refunded if cancelled less than 48hours beforehand. Once that time has elapsed the option will no longer be live and will not work. You may reschedule your booking right up to the time of the original booking using the link on your email that says reschedule on the confirmation email. If you don't get a confirmation email then either you didn't type you email address correctly or it has gone into you junk folders.

If you are not familiar with Skype and want to use it then read their website about how to set up and send a friend request and do this long ahead of time. Be sure to note if you are using Messenger or Google Hangouts instead.


Spiritual Readings: If you want to speak to loved ones, get guidance on life issues or your soul history, past lives, future information, health, animal communication, connect to your Higher Self, your family and friends guides, angels etc then this is the reading for you. Be sure to have questions at the ready. Alison works with questions that you need guidance on. If you want guidance from Erik Medhus, then let him know beforehand in your thoughts. Alison can channel a small number of beings in the one sitting, but not dozens, so please keep your expectations reasonable. Appointment sharing is by request.

This is not for bookings please use scheduler