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Channelling King Richard III

There's never a dull moment when your an open channel and medium. I often get spirit visitors simply turning up out of the blue - perhaps that simplifies it too much. I should say I get visitors from spirit when they are in my thoughts more than a just passing fancy and today was one of those days - King Richard the III is someone that has been in the media a lot in recent times due to finding his body under the carpark and I watched a documentary about him a while back from when they found him. So I'm curious about him like I am of many historical figures. Today he was in my thoughts as I watched the parade on TV broadcast from Leicestershire. I pondered - is he even still in spirit and questions like that to find him sitting next to me within a few moments of doing that - what a lovely surprise I said to him and he seemed anxious to chat not just turn up for the fun of it. My laptop is down I say but I can hand write your messages if you like - he was very agreeable so I got my journal and pen and here's how it went.

Welcome King Richard the III to my home in Australia

Thank you - he bowed his head slightly and I'm not sure of the protocol in these types of changelings so I smiled back at him and got straight onto the first question that popped into my head - perhaps not a brilliant one but it seemed appropriate given the short notice I had to prepare.

A: How do you feel today knowing your body has finally had proper recognition?

KR: I feel somewhat lost to answer. When we pass from human to spirit we soon lose our connection to the physical - my body caused me pain, I have no need for pain anymore but it shaped who I was. That pain connected me to this earth, this life, this importance, this grandeur. It was what made me real.

A: So that's how you looked at your scoliosis - it was your motivation?

KR: Indeed it was. It was my reason for being. Without that deformity I was weak. My deformity defined me as I had to be a man above all men. I had to rise above, I could not be taken for a ride as the cripple it made me. I died on the battlefield as one of the many. No one could ever say about Richard the III that he was weak and unworthy.

A: When you say defined you - do you mean in terms of making you strong instead of keeping you weak in the face of your position in life.

KR: Yes, that is exactly what I'm saying.

A: So, given now that you've expressed how your scoliosis drove you to be a stronger man and king - how do you feel about now being buried

He's very calm and at the same time commanding a presence. I would not dare to defy him as king if I was his subject. He's presenting in formal period clothes and sitting forward leaning on his knee to one-side, I suspect as it would be comfortable to sit like this with his condition. He gives off this fatherly air.

KR: As long as the recognition is of who I truly was and not a cripple then I am finally happy.

A: When you say finally happy what do you mean by that?

KR: Finally happy that who I was is not what I was, a cripple, so my body is not what I was - it made me who I was. It didn't define me as weak.

A: The term weak has come up a lot, was that an issue for rulers in that period of time (I feel like this is now a dumb question - of course it was an issue but hey I had no pre-warning this was gong to be my afternoon)

KR: Indeed - there was always a plot, always skulduggery, always a battle planned against us as Kings and the occasional Queen. We were never at rest. We had to be constantly battle ready - even our own Lords and Captains we could not trust. We trusted only God and even then there were times we felt forsaken by him.

A: How does your faith in God compare to now that you are in spirit?

KR: Never stronger.

A: Please expand

KR: God is not a being of separate ilk. He is a being of all that we are made, he doesn't judge, he just is - his experience is our experience. He is us and we are him. There is no difference, there is no separation and there is no eternal damnation, there is only ''one''.

A: May I ask if you had allergies as my nose is itching quite badly in your presence?

KR: On the battlefield the dust would invade my nostrils and make it run - I was plagued with many ailments. I used them to make me stronger.

A: I'm sensing that, from your energy how much strength you applied to your role as King. Some historians talk about the horrors you put upon people - how do you feel about that?

KR: I had a job to do - and remember as fast as a king shows weakness is as fast as he will be outdone!

A: So you had to rule by fear more than anything to survive?

KR: I absolutely insisted on it - my enemies were abundant.

A: How do you think you helped shape Britain?

KR: This, I fear, is a question that in today's terms has been lost by later kings and heirs.

A: In what way?

KR: They show little by way of leadership. They are weak and afraid. The courts rule the laws now and so do the ministers of story telling.

A: Do you mean the media?

KR: Indeed I do.

A: How do you feel about that?

KR: I try not to ponder it as this is no longer my time. I paid my dues and ultimately was cut down but that is my story, my role has long past into the history books.

A: Have you incarnated since?

KR: I have indeed.

(His answers were getting shorter)

A: Are you incarnated now?

KR: I find myself incarnated until what you call the 70s - a political role I chose as that is my interest. I wanted to effect change but I was stalwarted by the political process.

A: Can you tell us who?

KR: I was the Heath Government.

A: That is fairly astounding - how were you stalwarted.

KR: Change is done by vote, vote is won by purchase, purchase is made by persuasion.

A: Ahh, so you had to play the game - did that not work for you the same as your role as king?

KR: It was fraught with inconsistencies and incongruencies - a true vote is one that is honest. There is little honesty in modern politics.

A: Sitting here with me now as King Richard III - is it like simply switching hats and pulling up the character you played 500 years ago?

KR: Indeed it is Madam Allan - I, like you, and every human being that ever was are merely pawns in a game. When we step out of our bodies, and reset back to spirit, we are once again our true essence and we understand the lessons. The part we played zips off like an armour and falls away leaving behind experience - that which we draw upon to live as a spirit and choose other lives where we draw upon these experiences.

A: So how did being king help you as a politician under Edward Heath

KR: I was Edward Heath.

(I wasn't expecting this answer but I had noticed that his persona had slowly changed to a gentler personality - I thought he was just relaxed but it seems that he was bringing his other role into the discussion)

A: Ahh - so recently crossed again then.

KR: Indeed indeed.

A: I find it fascinating that you chose the role of conservative after being in the role of king. I agree that on both occasions you affected change - do you feel that you achieved what you set out to do here?

KR: My strength was how I persevered to make change. I endured many internal conflicts.

A: Such as?

KR: The physical disfigurement as Richard and the emotional disfigurement as Heath.

A: Do you mean your sexuality?

KR: Yes

A: How so do you describe your sexuality as a disfigurement?

KR: One could not be in power either way if one revealed such things as pain or being what is commonly called 'Gay'. This would've simply ended my career and stopped me from achieving such things as rolling the United Kingdom into the European Union.

A: Margaret Thatcher never really seemed to run with the EU - but I was young so my political history is a little rusty.

KR: She was an idealist, her thoughts were that Britain should remain Britain at one with itself. She only tolerated the EU for it's industry.

A: Will you incarnate again or are you happy in spirit for the time being?

KR: After the shift I may return as a woman.

His personality had completely changed by this time, he was much more softer and less commanding, the air of the king was no longer there - I was seeing his image morph back and forth. Still feeling like the wow factor that the spirit of Kind Richard III was also Edward Heath - very little could have prepared me for this except this.

A: haha - I'm impressed with that, but why earth and not another planet?

KR: There are great things coming to the earth - dimensional shifts. It will become a hotbed for all types of life. It will be the place of new awakenings in this part of the galaxy filled with enlightenment. I would be part of that. The role of the female is yet to blossom and I would be party to the changes as a female.

A: It sounds exciting.

KR: Indeed indeed.

A: Perhaps you could come back another day and talk more about your life as both King Richard III and Edward Heath as I'm stumped for questions at the moment this being a surprise visit. I would like to research and ask you more questions about the political agendas you had.

Switching back to his more commanding role now he answers with a ''dear lady I would be honoured''

A: Thank you for surprising me with your visit - I loved it. Are there any final words of advice you'd like to give from having played two such hefty roles?

KR: Live for each moment, be your own king, and never let your physical or emotional issue define you in the negative.

A: Wow, thank you.

He kissed my hand and left. WoweeZowee - I was not expecting that but I'm so glad he came I feel as though It was lost opportunity though as I don't know that much about him.



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