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Channelling Queen Boudica

Queen Boudicca has been one of my heroes since I was a girl. She is the one woman that all women should look up to when it comes to matters of true strength and intelligence. Because of this I decided to seek her out in spirit - there was every chance she wouldn’t be available it’s been 2000 years and she could be any number of other lives by now or not even on this planet anymore. She came to my surprise and delight. Here’s the second part of the interview.


A: Thank you for visiting me I greatly appreciate that. She smiled. She’s very tall with long full flowing hair that radiates fiery red, it’s a very impressive mop. Her dress is very simple though - you’d not know she was a royal except for the dress looked like it was very well made. It is a light olive colour with a thick cloth. It is long with no waist, looks like it is cut to her figure. She wears a single rope type belt.

A: The early years - could you tell us of your upbringing as royalty given there is little information about you until much later in your history.

QB: We were typically wealthy. We had farms, we had equity in our lands, we had our spiritual life in balance. Our Druids were our intellects and spiritual guides. We had healers and we had metal. Life was not perfect by any means but we understood that to prosper meant harmony with our surroundings and many Celtic peoples felt and acted the same way. Only by force of the foreigner was this life disrupted.

A: Who was your father? The word I hear sounded like ‘’Ackimanus’’ - as I’m not a Celtic speaking person I have no idea if that is spelt correctly so I had to spell it as it sounds. The other difficulty is that there’s almost no references to Boudicca’s early life to check if this information can be verified.

A: What relationship did you have with Welsh Royalty?

QB: We had factions not as you know it today. We were very much tribal - there were many kings and queens at that time. Today the royal lines are whittled down to but a few who hold the wealth of the people to them for no good purpose. We shared the wealth, we kept balance - our tribe owned the land not the kind and the queen.

A: What was it like growing up and becoming royalty - were you a royal in Wales?

QB: Of sorts I was. My father was considered a noble of royal blood he was in the Welsh Royal family.

A: So your destiny was set then, you were destined to join communities in wedlock?

QB: Yes I was and I was ok with that, it was bred into me early on. I had no cause to question it as my duty. We were honoured and duty bound back then much like you would expect throughout histories the world over. Marriage was not for love it was for the benefit of all concerned - however, I was, I consider, lucky in matters of the heart as I feel in love with my husband baring two daughters was how I honoured that love.

A: Wouldn’t you have wanted a boy as an heir?

QB: You must understand that we had not crossed the divide fully into a paternal society - I was still to my mind as much an equal as any man. We were on the cusp of change. Foreign ideas were filtering into our Celtic societies and men were warming to the dominance rather than the equality that honoured both men and women. I came from a time when women could stand alone as Goddesses and Mothers and Healers and Land Owners - we chose to marry or not to marry. The Romans brought with them such destruction as had come to them from the Mid-East and such where only men were in charge. We were far in advance of but unfortunately this left us weak to defend against dominating groups such as the Romans - they spread their poison across the world and destroyed the equilibrium that we held so dear.

A: When you say weak - by what do you refer.

QB: Our ideologies were not prepared for such a battle of the breakdown in our social makeup - yes we could fight, we were all warriors, but we had no hope of fighting a war of the sexes and winning. Egos were at the forefront of it all and the male ego is not easy to defeat. It must be honoured or it becomes wayward taking all in it’s path as a subject to objectify and use as nothing more than a possession.

A: I’ve wondered many times did you win this war in another timeline and what life would be like there?

QB: There is one, no two, where we prevailed and our justice became world renowned. We were victorious by the sheer fact that we had help in those timelines by traitors of the Romans

A: Now that sounds like an interesting world - what is it like now?

QB: These timelines are enlightened beyond your knowing here. Their energies are not beyond your knowing however; it does and is having an influence on this and all timelines. They all do have influence.

A: So indulge me a little more here then - what did these traitors do/say to help you win against such a professional fighting machine that the Romans were.

QB: They told us to use more tactics - we used ambush tactics as the Romans swooped down from the north west we came up behind them as we were told and made painfully aware of that numbers alone were not enough in open battle - we had not the skill, the tactics, nor the armour to stand against them in open warfare so we hid. They were expecting us to just lay in wait for them to arrive and slaughter us - we led them to believe it then played our card and we knew our lands better that they ever could. We took hidden paths and created diversions and took as many lives as we could. The rest we enslaved. It was nothing less than they would do to us - is was Just

A: Amazing and that would’ve made you Queen of the Britons not just the Incini.

QB: I was Queen of the Britons, yes.

A: Did the balance of power swing in favour of the female instead of where it was heading?

QB: We found we had to be every bit a man to survive. It was by the grace of God that we did.

A: How are those societies doing today in terms of our linear time?

QB: They flourish, they have reached such equilibrium as to every living thing has the right to speak for itself with equal merit.

A: Can you give me an example?

QB: In this societies timeline of chaos and duality that you are in, your rich would take the water and control you with it by selling it or cutting it out of your tribes supply from up river without a care for your rights to water. The other timelines would not take that position. they would not strive to remove your power in favour of their own. There is total balance, if you want water you may have what you need. You may not take from another for personal gain. That is the balance I speak of.

A: Do you ever see this happening in this timeline?

QB: Oh Yes I do, it absolutely will. There may be forces here frantically attempting otherwise but like a ball of threads it must come undone eventually.

A: These are timelines I’d love to be in.

QB: You are in them Alison, we all are, there are infinite selves at any given moment giving infinite experiences to our infinite higher selves.

A: Mind-expanding stuff. We sometimes get self-centric don’t we. She nods - she has a compelling presence. A beautiful Celtic woman with such deep rich ginger hair it glows in the ethereal light I see her in and her eyes, I’m not sure if they’re blue or green but I feel them looking at me intensely.

A: When you came earlier I was feeling pain in my throat, and my head like they had been cut badly and my wrists felt as though they were shackled. Was that your pain and suffering when you died.

QB: Yes it was.

A: How did you die?

QB: I was slain on the battlefield. My wrists were bound after I was killed and my body disrespected dragged through the mud until it was unrecognisable.

A: That’s not how they tell it. Was this revenge, making an example of you being that you were a woman as much as anything, you really gave them a run for their money.

QB: This they did - but not before I’d achieved so much against them. I was, in my mind, going to slaughter every Roman I came across and some 80 thousand or more died at my hands. But when you compare it to the atrocities we were fighting against - it is a just effort. I have no remorse here. I did what needed to be done - we were not fighting for prowess we were fighting for our freedom - that will always come with a hefty price tag.

A: Tacitus reported that you took poison with your daughters rather than be dragged through the streets of Rome a failed leader.

QB: This was never a possibility - firstly I was in the battle to the very last, I made no escape. I would fight on by myself if I’d had to - that much was my intent. I was filled with such anger and humiliation, my mind was set. Poison is a cowards way out - I am no coward. I would die with a spear and a sword as my companion before I would swallow poison. I was in the middle of a melee and a spear entered my throat - that is the pain you felt, and I was dead by the time my body hit the ground. My head was smashed with a sword - that is the other pain you felt. Then my wrists were bound and my body dragged - there was no possibility of returning to Rome with me walking behind but there was merit in ending the battle with the bedraggled body of my army’s commander.

People assume from the writings that the Romans were egotistical gentlemen in victory - they were not. They were barbarians all of them. They spread poison of the mouth among the masses, they led by fear and fear alone, they had no conscience, they were not human. They did not respect my body they used it to end the battle. Tacitus is well known for his flagrant mistruths shaping history by the doing so.

A: Wow that was powerful ending to your story - I feel such emotion from you about this. Did you do a life review and what was that like?

QB: I did do a life review and I was proud of my achievements, I made a stand (silent pause while she thinks)

I made a stand for the weak and the oppressed and the weary, it wasn’t my time to win in this timeline. However, when you get to your life review and you see all that you have encountered in every timeline the balance is restored to your soul, whereas you may feel an imbalance in the singular physical world. You become complete. You loose the individual who lost a battle and become the many that achieved every possibility there is to achieve - the completeness of that cannot be understood in words and gestures - it is far too complex. What I can tell you is that you will all experience it and you will understand why this has happened and that has happened, and you will see that all your other selves have accomplishments and that this life here and now is your accomplishment. It is an ingredient that creates the end recipe.

A: The more I hear this story about multiple timelines, the more apparent I feel this is just a game.

QB: It is a game - we came to experience ourselves in the name of that which we are - God. We are God in his physical form. Imagine being so immense that you must experience every single possibility in order to know yourself. You cannot do this by remaining one, you must splinter into a billion billion billion parts and more - the number does not exist in this language. So you must break bits of you off to understand your purpose, we are those bits, we are soul fragments of God with the capacity to decide our own direction. We are avatars and the facilitation to those possibilities. We are God in every way and our freewill throws up the ability to enhance that experience - greatly.

This is why judgement is for small minded ones who will not achieve much by way of experience unless the experience is specific to small mindedness.

A: There’s an awful lot to think about in that information. I guess my final question for the time being is did you achieve what you wanted in that life.

QB: Yes I did, it was one of my many aspects. I achieved all of my goals in all of my timelines.

A: What advice do you have for people today?

QB: Stay true to yourself, do not allow your thoughts, wants and needs to be dictated by others who make you think they hold your power. They don’t unless you give it to them. Never give your power away, it is worth dieing for, be true to yourself.

A: Thank you, that was an amazing interview. I hope you will give us more of your wisdom another day.

QB: I will be honoured.

After she left I wanted to cry, what she went through to gain freedom after the humiliation she and her daughters suffered would‘ve been enough for a lot of people. One of my heroes since high school, when I first heard her name it was taught to us as Bodacea which is a more Roman way to pronounce it with a soft C not a hard C. It does have a more poetic sound that way but I prefer the Celtic pronunciation as that is who she was and we must not let the victors rewrite history as a truth when it is not a truth.

Footnote: I left off a fact she gave me about the whereabouts of the last battle - she called it Oxenhope and the only Oxenhope I know of is further north in Yorkshire than the general consensus about the last battle location is. However - there are many missing parts to her story as well as Roman misreporting. Perhaps there was an Oxenhope of some nature on the Watling Street route, given that the year of the last battle can‘t be verified either. Suffice to say I wasn’t able to verify it so I left it off. I also could’ve misheard the name.

Copyright Alison Ailfinn Allan 2015. No unauthorised publication can be made without express written permission the author and linking back to original article unchanged.



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