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Channelling Jean-Paul Sartre



I was studying philosophy at uni sometime toward the end of the naughties and came across Jean-Paul Sartre. I didn’t realise then that I was channeling him. We spoke briefly and I put it down to an overactive imagination. He resurfaced a few days ago after a discussion about existentialism in my group. Here’s a brief channeling as we got interrupted so I hope there’s more to come as this is quite incomplete

A: Hello Jean-Paul, how are you?
JP: I’m wonderful just wonderful.
A: I have to ask - did dying cause you an existential dilemma? I’m grinning at my own question. He laughed loudly.
JP: You seriously want an answer don’t you.
A: Yes please - I have to know. (In jest)
JP: Well yes it did - my life was one long existential dilemma truth be told. But I never let on that it was. I strive to work those dilemmas out as they cropped up. Dying was not one I expected to have to deal with after the fact. Yet that’s what I found myself doing in the initial stages of the afterlife. I found though as do many once we are untethered from the human condition that there are no dilemmas to resolve because our essence - and I am not using the philosophical meaning of essence here - is not an issue. We are existence based even in the afterlife, it is completely compatible with existentialism.

A: How is it compatible? (I’m an existential numpty by the way)

JP: Because we always exist no matter what the form that existence is. The essence of the thing that we call consciousness is the experiences we have, it’s not what derives our being in the first instance. So for example we are pure light pure energy that is consciously aware of itself. We are made, if you like, of matter yet that matter is the existence of light - light love consciousness are all one of the same thing. We can now extrapolate existentialism out even further by saying that to be in the 3rd dimension is the philosophical essence and our existential self is the soul or spirit, however you prefer to describe it. The fact remains that the human body - or in fact any physical body is not existential it is essence.
We are layers upon layers upon layers and when you break that down to its base formula you get the conscious soul made from love and light. That which some purport as God.
A: Do you say it is God or not God?
JP: I say though God is ultimately the existential precursor to the conscious soul, the actual soul to be determined as essence rather than existential does not allow for independent thought, does no equate to the individuality that we must be, do, have in order to become as you would say - incarnate.
A: Does this not apply when you’re in a body?
JP: Ahh no - only when you are in the body are you able to see it that way but it is false to do so - the dilemma for most people while in the body is that they haven’t discovered their spiritual side, therefore there is no other way, truth be told, that they can see. Even the spiritually aware probably don’t equate themselves as essence instead of existential.
A: Does the analogy of the Russian dolls inside each other do justice to what you just described?
JP: Yes and no. If we look at that literally then no because one is not inside the other in life unless you consider the body is a vessel to occupy but that would seem too simplistic. It would fit the analogy better if you took all the dolls out to line up in size as one that “befits” the next and so on.
Hopefully I can come up with some more questions to entice him to finish this as its superb information but I am struggling because the subject matter is not an easy one to wrap my head an round.
Copyright Alison Ailfinn Allan 2015. Distribution not allowed without prior written permission and the work must be unchanged and linked back to source.



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