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Channelling Sun Tzu


Two Days ago I hopped in the shower like any other day, and I could see a Chinese looking man in my third eye, he was wearing a traditional silk gown, his arms folded and hidden in the large bell sleeves, his hair is tied up in a traditional way. He seemed very much with me and ready to talk not like the other channels I've had. I thought “aww man - I'm so not ready, it's Sun Tzu and I know very little about him except that he is credited with writing The Art of War and that he was a Chinese Strategist during the Zhou Dynasty”. So I got to work doing some research and most of it went over my head, I'm no strategist by any stretch of the imagination, and he patiently watched over my shoulder as by this time he had entered my physical space. I kept getting this feeling that study was actually pointless and it didn't really need to be done. So the next morning I said OK sod it I'll just chat to him and see what he wants to say. It turned out that he didn't want to be interviewed in the traditional sense but to teach. I don't know if this is the beginning of something or his only intended visit, for it was very short - however, it was to the point. His message came with feelings so I will also give my interpretation where I think it's needed - enjoy....

A: Master Sun, thank you for coming to speak with me, it is a humbling experience.
ST: The Master will always appear when a student is ready and the world is the student and it is ready.
A: Master Sun - please tell us what makes the world ready to hear from you at this time. (He goes straight into teaching mode with no pleasantries as you can see.)
ST: There is a great change upon you all and you must prepare yourselves for that. There are always two paths : 1, is the intrepid follower and 2, is the intrepid leader.
A: Master Sun, please expand on what is the difference.
ST: The intrepid follower is still blind to the truth. The intrepid leader has learned the truth.
A: (interpretation of the feelings he gave me. The intrepid being fearless as a follower is blind because of blind faith and it takes courage to be blind to the truth. Again, the intrepid being fearless as leader has learned to walk their own path, either with or without being followed, so alone or not they walk their path with their own truth.)
A: Does this not conflict, Master Sun, with the story about your training test as captain over the concubines?
ST: My motivations were different in that life. The concubines who died were intrepid leaders, they chose their own truth and they died for that truth. The rest became intrepid followers - there is no conflict. You must understand that conflict only happens when you search too deep for the meaning of something that is staring you right in your face.
A: I can see you wish to give advice and teach rather than be interviewed, is that correct?
ST: It is correct. I have been waiting to discuss my thoughts in terms of your years, there have been many.
A: Please continue... (He is very polite and brief, waiting for me to ask him to continue.)
ST: I have sought many pathways to come to the people and I will seek more pathways. As a leader in war I say to the world it is time for peace.
A: What do people do when war is brought to them without their wanting it Master Sun?
ST: They must fight with their hearts and give themselves in love if that means die then the message is to die for peace, it is not to raise your arms in anger. That is not the way.
A: (Interpretation - to refuse war no matter what and in it’s place there must be love, as in the intrepid leader.)
A: Please continue...
ST: There is only one vibration that will triumph and that is peace for love otherwise much devastation will be had.
A: For some reason I feel uncomfortable at the thought of publishing this.
ST: Are you an intrepid follower or are you and intrepid leader.
A: Haha touche Master Sun, touche! Have you more to add to your discussion - for example I take it you are referring in particular to the shift as much as the political landscape?
ST: Yes you are correct Miss Alison and yes I will be back another day for another discussion.
A: Thank you Master Sun
He bows and leaves my space backwards.


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