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Channelling Noel Coward


Copyright 2015 Alison Ailfinn Allan

I feel quite blessed to be doing this interview as this gentleman came to me through another medium, John Henderson. Noel Coward (1899 to 1973) has made a friend of John and asked him to talk to me about an interview so that is quite an accolade for me - word is getting out in the spirit realms I guess and my proof is coming to what my guide told me in a reading with Jamie Butler that many will come as my light burns bright. Noel is one of Britain's most talented playwrights, actors, singer songwriters, all rounder, acclaimed movies and award winner - he left no stone unturned in his life when it came to entertainment. If you're of a certain age you will know the song Mad Dogs and Englishmen Go Out in the Midday Sun - please watch the link as it's fast, furious and very funny......
A: So - to the interview which Noel basically took charge of and I just let him have the floor...
Hello Noel, how are you
N: I'm wonderful darling
A: Good to hear - how has life treated you since you crossed?
N: I'm loving it, just loving it, its such a breath of fresh air overhear - there's no worries, well, (he leans in for a gossip) I don't have any darling but there are some who don't seem to get this is the afterlife you know - still got their worries and wotnot.
A: I see....
N: It's completely tranquil here and I get to be channeled so it's kind of like the internet is for you - we send our messages home to mother so to speak.
A: Ahh yes, that I can understand....
N: You know dear I probably would love to come back as me again but I’m not sure the world is ready for that, what do you think darling?
A: The world would surely be brighter with you still in it.
N: I'm sure you're just being kind. So anyway as I was saying I get to send my work through a few channels - help the industry a bit (he shrugs his shoulders in a positive - it-needs-me - kind of way. He's so very full of cheek and fun, he nudges and winks at me)
N: I do miss my writing and so and sometimes not having a body can be a bore.
A: Haha ok....
N: You know I've been thinking that we should write a play for the fun of it - what do you think?
A: Well - it's a surprise to me but if you'd like I'm sure we could. Not this trip though - lets get the interview down for now.
N: Oh you're such a bore darling...
A: haha I know - so ok tell me about your life then, how did the review go?
N: The life review well it was long and laborious - I mean who really wants to know what went wrong and who thought it. I certainly didn't so I watched with one eye closed and the other on my naval. I don't have patience for such things I'm a creator and before you know it someone’s not doing to like it so piffle to them!
A: I can't stop giggling...... In terms of your work - you seemed to bring out subjects that were controversial - what motivated that?
N: Well everything else was boring, the controversial stuff is what was real - people were so busy minding their own business they didn't know who they were. I sought to give people a taste of who they were by putting it into scripts. Women - they were the ones spreading the gossip so they were interested in gossipy shows.
A: Well that soundS a little harsh and unfair - we'll get hate mail for that comment...
N: Oh Darling they were well contained with little else to do so you shouldn't look at it like that I helped bring them out in the open.
A: Ok so you're saying that you brought women's situations out in the open - perhaps gave them a voice that they didn't have in that time period?
N: Oh absolutely! Look at the war effort when all the men were away and the women fixed cars, drove buses, created bombs - they held the country together yet were expected to crawl back under their rocks afterwards, my plays brought these controversies to light!
A: What else did your plays bring to light?

N: Sex darling sex - everyone was doing it somewhere and all pretending they weren't.
A: So what's this new play about that you want to write?
N: It's about a man and a woman in domesticity, 50s setting.
A: How does this relate to today’s audience?
N: It doesn't, I just want to write it.
A: I can't stop laughing - he doesn't care what anyone thinks - he's doing what he loves no matter what the outcome. I get the impression that you enjoyed your life a great deal.
N: Oh darling whatever gave you that impression - it was a nightmare...always compelled to entertain someone, with critics to the left and snobbery to the right - one might be excused for feeling very boxed in and unappreciated at times, but I had a lot of energy and all I could do was create, create, create.
A: So have you any regrets then?
N: No darling I lived my life to the fullest degree. It was a compulsion that was with me to the end of my days - create to live and live to create.
A: So was that how you set you soul contract up - did you have one?
N: Yes absolutely I wanted not only to play a character as a human but for the human to play many roles.
A: So fame and fortune was featured into you soul plan too then?
N: It was indeed - the hard part is knowing what you factored in when you get here. I was very good at knowing what was in front of me to achieve and achieve I did on many levels.
A: What's a favourite moment in your life that you'd like to share?
N: All of it - even the complaints and the missing applause because I did what I came to do and not everyone can say that at the end of their days so I am much aligned with myself and my ego on that score. I got to travel the world, entertain troops - even be a secret agent briefly so of course I am proud and wouldn't change a day.
A: What do you do now in the afterlife?
N: I mix it up and shake it down. (Somehow I feel that mixing it up and shaking it down includes cocktails and caviar as Noel is such the British Gent - quite the Toff.) There's just so much to do here it's only truncated by one's imagination - ten things at once if the mood takes me.
A: Anything specific you like to do?
N: Well I do like to inspire the arts and where possible comedy. It's not as easy to perform as one might assume darling - you really do have to have issues to play a great role because you're deriving from within to feed without. When that empty space comes calling you fill it with joy and laughter that you yourself have created. I can't say fairer than that so I am a muse, sometimes I am not amused by the tripe I see and hear in the arts but it's all entertainment in one form or another. See I can behave and be interviewed darling I just find it boring there's no up-shift in ones soul talking about ones life after the fact - rather like closing the door after the horse has bolted and I know that sounds like I have regrets but I really don't, I promise.
A: Ok so tell us if your life had lessons and if these lessons were to teach others not just yourself.
N: Well everyone new I was flaming bonkers as well as gay - I practically invented the nine pound note! So I guess having never officially come out the lesson for me was self-acceptance but I determined that as everyone new, then there was no point in coming out as that may have buggered my career - no pun intended.
A: (I laughed) How did it feel to find out you were blacklisted by the Nazis?
N: Oh that old black book - I've been on worse. Well you know darling the day a dictator wants you dead for whatever reason you know you have emphatically arrived somewhere good in life. It means you have influence and can start decent so I'd say I feel pretty damn good to be honest - by golly I made it!!
A: You certainly did. Lets talk about the music you wrote.
N: Well you know I wrote “Mad Dogs and Englishmen go out in the Midday Sun” - I also wrote many more - several hundred and nothing that relates to music in the modern sense, I do love music. All kinds just not the screeching stuff that sounds like demons on acid - that's just so unpleasant and should be banned!
A: What about another life you've lived - can you tell us one of those?
N: Well I was around with the Pharaohs darling as one of the ancient bell hops you might say - fetching and carrying for others needs. A rather dull life but it taught me a lot about people in general, their temperaments etc. I wouldn't do it again. All my lives have geared me up for Noel Coward where I was the full creator of it. (I never clarified this comment but it felt like he had full creative control and that made me wonder if we are influenced by others when we’re planning our lives)
A: Will you have more lives?
N: I don't think so darling not in the near future, its time for daddy to rest up. More fun being a muse right now and chaos is on the way to the planet earth so I don't need that experience.
A: If you could give one piece of advice to people still here what would it be?
N: Sod everyone and do what makes you happy - create and enjoy. Ignore the haters and just be - every minute could be your last so make the most of it darling.
A: Thank you Noel - that's was wonderful
N: Oh I know darling - ta tah - (and off he goes for the time being - wonder if we'll ever write that play haha)



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