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Channelling Wassily Kandinsky


When I was studying art a question came up about turn of the 19th century artists, modern art, abstract, etc and I followed my nose and found myself interested in abstract art - this led me to Wassily Kandinsky and past life memories surfaced with him as a friend of his then wife Gabrielle Munter. I also have friends who are associated with him in various ways so this tells me that we travel in soul groups - I’ve heard it said that we do but it’s often hard to verify. This interview turned into quite a struggle as you will see - he tries to explain how there is no time and I got more than tongue tide. Suffice to say I need a day off my poor head is bursting with what the!!

A: Hello Mr Kandinsky - how are you?
WK: Hello Alison I am good (he has a very heavy Russian accent but speaks clear English)
A: I’ve admired your work since I discovered it at university so I feel very privileged to speak to you.
WK: I have not really taken this role before - I usually just listen to the voices that talk about me and my work and analyze it to death instead of simply enjoying it for it’s presence and representative nature of change. But I am honoured that you discovered me again (this is a sort of joke and came with a smirk) - each student’s discovery of their favourite art provides us with a warm vibration across here.
A: Is there more to this relationship that I have with you because when I first went in search of material for my assignment all those years ago I recognised your pictures and then had several memories of you with Gabrielle Munter and I’ve always wanted validation for those?
WK: It is true we did know each other in the sense that you remember - you could look yourself up and find out about who you were - it would help you in this life to see that one I think.
A: Oh wow, thanks for that confirmation - my mind is a little blown right now.
WK: Don’t worry, you should expect it (he’s very fatherly and also there’s humour woven into that strong voice)
A: Well thanks for coming, I’ve felt you around on numerous occasions. Can you tell us about your life somewhat, how it felt to go from the lawyer to the artist to the father of abstract art etc.
WK: It sounds like a cab ride when you put it like that but it was a calling from one to the other to the other (that made me laugh - did they even have “cabs” in Europe or is he using modern lingo on purpose I wonder) You see, my first love was art, it was always going to be where I ended up as artist and creator of my thoughts - that is what an artist is they are the creator of their thoughts on paper or whatever medium they chose to create them on.
A: Did you have an inkling all through your education that’s what you were going to be doing?
WK: I could not take my self away from art it was part of me - I followed my father’s path he laid out and then when I became my own man I moved into art - I could not die a man who had not expressed my love of images and paints and colour. I thought in the way I painted, my thoughts were paintings. My ideas were artworks all through my education I was seeing colour and lines and wanting to express but the time was not right until it was right.
A: Ok, I see so was it hard being a lawyer then given that your calling was as artist.
WK: In a way no, in a way yes, there were times where I felt compelled to scribble on paper in front of me, my students and their question papers of the law I set them and I just wanted to paint my thoughts so yes in that sense I was immersed in my ideas but also no because I had respect for my family and their need so I did my duty to them - artist did not hold much status for my family and there were already great artist around however the world was changing rapidly we were becoming freer with our minds and our thoughts and our wants and our needs - we were not so restricted by dogma it was a time where art was unraveling the world around us all and giving us our freedom to create - art was the the great escape for not just the men of faith but also the common man - we all had our freedoms being given to us in one form or another by the expression of art.
A: And what about your marriages then how did they figure in your life as you had I think 3?
WK: Each one served to give me and to give them a place in their history. I found that each one fit to my state of mind at each point of it.
A: When the first world war came - you and Gabrielle moved away then split up and you went back to Russia ultimately finding yourself in several roles - did you miss the days of de Blaue Reiter (the Blue Rider) and other well known groups you helped create?
WK: I missed my freedom above all else. Europe was closed down, there was no room to move, no room to breath it had become a dark insipid place, so much fear, so much death - I wanted no part of it. My role was artist not fighter.
A: So the war had a profound effect on you?
WK: Everything that happened had a profound effect on me - I became reclusive in my thoughts having to turn inward because the light was inside me - that was where I could find peace from all that I was seeing and my abstraction of the world around me had been in my thoughts for such a long time that it was inevitable that it would come to the canvas once the time was right for me to release it. I saw my work as an expression of my thoughts, an escape from that which surrounded me that I did not like as well as what I did like.
A: You wrote as well didn’t you - sometimes intellectual works.
WK: Yes I wrote and at times it seemed too that I was heavy with thoughts, so down on paper they went but my first love will and was always painting.
A: What do you fill your time with across the veil?
WK: I am many things here, I am many aspects on many dimensions from living a simple life to inspiring others.
A: Are you talking about having other lives while concurrently talking to me now?
WK: I am, I understand that you may not be able to grasp this in the language that is human but I am all I can be now.
A: So am I conversing with the higher self as Vassily Kandinsky and if so how easy is it to draw on that life to be this person for this interview instead of say the combination of all your lives - sorry if that’s a confused question but it is a difficult subject to grasp?
WK: You know it’s not hard at all, this is an aspect that I lived (in your 3D as past) and live because there is no time therefore I am this and I am so much more but I can simply be each of my selves at any given point.
A: So like you just isolate the one we wish to speak to?
WK: That is correct.
A: How much does a life as big as Kandinsky’s do you keep at the forefront of who you are as higher self then?
WK: We are a multitude of everything we are, we throw away what we perceive as an aspect not as highest good to be the combination of all that we live and learn - those things go to the bottom and we keep at the top those things that we perceive our best - that’s my experience it may not be same for everyone. This is a private journey in a non private universe so we are one being but we are the individual and then we are the aspects and then we become the best of everything there is - perhaps I do not put into words the right way for the language to express but hopefully you will get the general drift of what I’m talking about.
A: It was certainly not easy to understand as I wrote your words but I will read it a few times and see if I can makes sense of it. So can you talk about any of your other lives that are happening right now.
WK: I would prefer not to, my thoughts on that are that it may influence those lives to do that so I’d rather not.
A: Ok so here’s where I do get confused about the no time thing - how can we influence something that has happened or has it not happened or why is it influenced if there’s no time is it perpetual so just keeps looping back over and over maybe relearning the experience.
WK: Perhaps complex enough then I see (he’s being a little tongue in cheek lol) your understanding is limited by your environment - you look forward to next day which has not happened but if you take away time then it has, and there are more lives happening also at same time, there are more aspects of yourself out there than you can even consider as a number so the possibilities are endless which means they can be influenced with thoughts imposing on them.
A: Ok so I’m probably even more confused unfortunately - so are you saying that this is a random process which can manifest by discussion about it in a way that becomes somehow not random so perhaps freewill gets interfered with - is this in terms of manifesting (am I onto something here)
WK: You are coming closer to the idea of what happens but there is long way to go yet.
A: I’m also getting a sense of balance - that you’re talking about throwing off the balance that this is a delicate machine to which randomness is very important to you - is it important to all spirits.
WK: I speak of my own machine.
A: (My brain hurts) I’m getting a strong sense of the metaphysical from you, like you enjoy perhaps communication that is philosophical - is that correct about you.
WK: I am always the philosopher I have had lives to that effect but again I will not divulge them here.
A: Is there anything else you’d like to add to this discussion before we sign off - advice for people to live by.
WK: You see I cannot truly give general advice for people to live by but I can talk about life itself - life itself is an ocean that fluxes back and forth and you roll with it, if you try to fight the tides you will lose your strength very quickly and wither and pass into oblivion of emotion. You cannot be King Canute, you cannot control the wave you let them unfold and flow and bring you their energy - that is life at it’s best.
WK: Quite a profound way to look at life - I don’t want this interview to end
a: It never ends because there is no time
A: That I think was meant to be funny too….



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