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Channelling James Brown


About a week go we were driving out of the Australian Desert back to the coast and I was filling in time doing EFT routines and making various statements in my head. The statements became like musical chants with multiple voices joining in with me - I thought how nice of the spirit world to help me along with my inner development - then James Brown appeared in my third eye and he was ad-libing in the gaps of our musical chants with his high pitched wooos and it was a lot of fun. Later in the trip one of his songs began to play in my head and again his familiar silhouette appeared in full soulful motions, complete with all his stage presence and feeling. I said to my husband - wow guess what - looks like James Brown is going to be next to be interviewed and so it was. I watched a documentary about his life to be able to ask more informed questions then this morning I was still hearing that same song he played on the way from out west. "I feel good" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETNWrulIDic
So upon hearing this again today I thought it must be time to get this interview in motion:
A: Are you still with me Mr Brown? (I wasn't 100% sure given I was hearing only his music so I asked)
J: Call me James (was his reply)
A: ha ha Cool, Ok. How are you James?
J: I'm bodiddly fine Miss Ali
A: It feels strange to be called Miss Ali
J: Not strange to us it's respectful
A: Yeah I guess but you prefer to be called James not Mr Brown
James is ma name, I need no other to know you have respect for me.
A: That's good that you can pick these things up I spirit. I find it hard to express the true nature of these interviews in their entirety because so much is based on feelings between the interviewee and myself.
J: That's the human race at large right there - not in touch with it's feelings.
A: Do you credit your style of singing from being in touch with your feelings.
J: I was indeed - I was breaking every heart in the house when I sang. I was making every molecule of myself cry with emotion. I wanted my song not just to be heard but also to be felt like each person could from within feel the meaning and that's why I was so successful. My voice didn't always carry but my emotions did and there's not one person who could say as the listener, got anything less of me than my entire being - mind, body and soul.
A: It earned you many titles such as the King of Soul - you could croon the house down. (The whole time we talked I could here his music playing in my head. He has the cutest face - cheeky smile, warm and commanding. This man knows exactly who he is and was, I have no doubt about that at all)
J: I was the King of Soul, the King of my soul and all I wannid to do was project feelings out into the world.
A: Messages of love and Peace?
J: There are no other messages worth their weight in gold like love and peace.
A: You became and icon not just for music but also equality among the African Americans which the authorities didn't seem to appreciate about you - how do you feel about that now you can see from across the veil?
J: They were worried - hooowee! were they worried - I had the respect of my people and they were worried I'd use that to disrespect the nation but they judged on their own insecurities not mine. I wasn't fight'n and war'n, I was for equality, same rights for all. Dr Martin Luther King was my hero and so was Ghandi. There was no way I was going to start a war - there already was one and I wannid to get rid of that divide.
A: How much would you say you helped that process along?
J: A great deal ma’am - let’s look at the music industry for starters. Them white kids forgot all about their pride and programming when it came to music they could see the music was a joiner of the peoples - as music brings us together. Most musicians will vie for peace. Music and math are universal languages that say no matter what happens they remain constant as one and the same. Black folks can do math, white folks can do math, black folks can sing, white folks can sing. We are all one and the same.
A: So do you think that equality has come a long way since then?
J: I do, I do
A: But how much further until there’s no discrimination.
J: That's a long piece of string.....
A: What about in the US specifically - there seems to have been ongoing problems of late in the media.
J: You gotta watch the media for stirring up news.
A: Ok so do you feel that you achieved your life's goals.
J: I over-achieved on everything I did and I drove the people around me hard to do the same thing. If you're goin’ to do a task, do it well, don't be half-assed at it. Don't matter what it is but be impeccable. I was impeccable and I expected impeccable from the people I hired and that’s why we were such a huge success.
A: I remember seeing the Blues Brothers and what an amazing movie it was - you did several other movies too. Did you enjoy these as much as stage performing?
J: Why yes because I got to sing - it don’t matter to me where I perform as long as I perform.
A: How do you spend your time since you crossed.
J: Swinging on a cloud inspirin’ n helpin’ others to bring out their own talents.
A: What were your thoughts on drugs in the early years of your career and how did that deteriorate in your later life?
J: I found them destructive, there were good peoples goin bad places and that wasn't good for them or business so I demanded drug free employment. In my later years I was looking to escape the bonds that were being forced on me by the government and became that which I hated but I got a grip - I still knew who I was.
A: Do you remember what Dying was like?
J: I remember slipping away and landing in the afterlife as if Hollywood had gone all saintly and moneyless and changed its name to heaven. I am a man of peace and a man of God - always was a man of God - there is no change to that now except maybe I know that we are all God and that there is no separation. I know that God does not hurt anyone, he does not judge anyone, he isn't even a He. But he just is and I don't have a word to describe his genderless form.
A: What's heaven like?
J: Heaven is Hollywood with a soul
A: That made me laugh - it's a good description. What about your life review - how did you enjoy that etc...
J: I hate the word etcetera....
A: ha ha ok, the surround visions and sound of your life - tell us what that was like?
J: Mostly I was happy with ma self - I didn't always have good relationships with ma wives - I played around - had many children but you know we can't be perfect in every last detail of who we are. I needed to learn about love.
A: Is that one of the lessons you had in your life path.
J: It was and it wasn't, my main goal was to be successful in whatever endeavour I chose to accomplish.
A: Do you regret anything?
J: I regret not being more faithful.
A: Fair enough - do you have any advice to give people here trying to get through everyday life and it's struggles.
J: Struggle is an ugly word. It can make you think negatively about what you're doin' - struggle is not what you're doin' if your cup is half full. So my advice is stop seeing life as hard and appreciate what you got, if you don't like what you got, find a way to change it without seein’ it as a struggle - life is a tool to be used to improve your soul.
A: Very good advice James, thank you.
J: You're welcome Miss Ali
A: And sweet too
J: This I know, I'm well practiced (this was flirty - I think I'm I love with James Brown - no wonder he was so good with the ladies) He left me with such a warmth and a feeling of unconditional love that it brought tears to my eyes...

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