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Channelling Napoleon Bonaparte


Kari and I had this idea that we should do video chat’s as when we spend time chatting online and we always get visitors - very often Kari invites them and doesn’t tell me then they show up, sometimes I’ll be thinking of someone and they’ll turn up too. It’s a great relationship that Kari and I have. We have discovered that we know each other in spirit but as yet all that information has not been fully revealed. It will in the future when we need it to be. So, we set up our video chat to see what happened and as soon as we connected I said to Kari did you invite Napoleon because he’s here! It was a mind blowing moment and I was intimidated by him - I felt like a little kid. Erik came in after a few minutes laughing at me cause of my reaction so I suspect he had a lot to do with Napoleon being there. After the video he came back for a longer more comfortable interview.

A: Thanks for coming back after the video with Kari and I cause that was our inaugural run and we had no idea what we were doing nor did we expect such a grand visitor. (When he arrived during the video session he was in full military uniform - very imposing man.)
N: Bonsoir Mon Cherie (good evening my darling or sweetheart)
A: I’ll have to look that phrase up as my French is really awful
N: Non Existent
A: hehe yes - that’s about right
N: Counting to 5 in French does not a language make! (He’s telling me off but I can speak to in French hehe)
A: I know and I feel bad now - I’ll have to learn it ;)
N: So you should – it is a language of historical importance. We French conquered much of the world when not fighting the British.
A: You certainly did - how do you feel about that today?
N: It is who we were, what we did. We were empire builders and always competing for ground with the British and to a lesser degree, Spanish.
A: You told me today my husband was a military strategist with his brother Mark in past lives and when he asked you about marching your armies on Absinth you stood to attention as a mark of respect to him so now I’m intrigued - is there more to that.
N: He is not ready to learn all of his truths yet.
A: One area of your life you kept drawing my attention to during the video with Kari was your love life and your love of women - why was that?
N: Women - such a mystery in them and capable of such treachery, but I loved them. I had many many women in my court - it was what the men and I needed before and after a battle.
A: That doesn’t sound very flattering for women.
N: Times were different, we treated women as things to use - we had little respect for lessor men and women alike. The class system was never stronger. That is changing - has changed but still a ways to go Mon Amie (my friend)
A: Would you change anything about your life?
N: No – my life was set in motion before I played it out – it was meant to be exactly what it was. I was who I was so I could play the role.
A: You mentioned in the video that you picked your traits before coming here can you tell us more about that process?
N: Mon Amie, I chose very many traits all of them together resulted in a man that could conquer anything without batting an eyelid to the task.
A: Yet you had a great love in your life – Josephine. You said that she was the only human that got under your skin.
N: She was all the things a warrior could want in a woman yet she was a treacherous one too. She wielded and dealt behind my back but she was not good enough to not get known to me.
A: Michael just said so your spies were better.
N: My spies had to be or it would’ve ended my life before I was ready to leave.
A: Is that across the board? You mentioned that you had to create fear around you to protect yourself.
N: There is only one thing you can do when you lead a military life advancing to dictatorship (referring to creating fear)
A: Do you consider you were like a dictator – I thought you advanced to the role of Emperor on your merits as a strategist?
N: I was always going to have that role no matter how it came to me.
A: I wouldn’t call you a dictator myself – you were one of history’s greatest military leaders and also when you became Emperor you made social changes that I would call modern and progressive.
N: I had to show how a leader should behave – a leader should show that he can improve the lives of those who supported him.
A: What about when King Louis the XVIII took back the thrown virtually putting France back into a monarchy overnight – how did you feel about that?
N: I was won out by politics in the end – my reign was done and there was no more for me to attain by being Emperor.
A: Kari asked you about your beliefs and you said that what you believed privately was that Catholicism was not right and that you were all there was – what is your opinion now you’re crossed over?
N: I felt my power was derived from within me – that was where my strength came from to be who I was. There was as far as I was concerned no God greater than the one in my heart – myself – I was my own God.
A: Has that changed since you crossed?
N: Not really because God is within – I may have had an ego in my life that denied there was a God but for me inside myself, however the basic premise of God is from within – we are source consciousness.
A: Kari also asked you about your life review and you were very definite about your answer.
N: The life review is nothing to be feared, if you’ve done your job here properly then you will accept the review process as your truth. If you fear it then ask why is that – why would you fear your greatness unless you know in your heart that you are not being true to who you are and why you came.
A: I understand, So Kari’s analogy of “if you came here to be a dick then the review should reflect that you indeed were great at your job of being a dick” as funny as it is.
N: Wise woman she is too.
A: She’ll like that comment
N: Kari needs to see how great she is – it’s not ego to know how great we are – it’s provenance.
A: That’s an interesting choice of words. You mentioned in the video that in your early days you had to dispel some fears in order to do your job – how did you go about this?
N: Fears are a pitcher full of nothing and nothing is what they achieve. We must understand them for that so we don’t use them to achieve nothing. All too often people on this planet are being controlled by fear – look at joyriding in fun parks where people willingly pay money to be thrilled by fear and you’ve got your answer. To be clever you use fear as a tool not as a weapon. Fear is being used as a tool to create wealth for the minority. I used it to create my power over the state of France – that is why I am a dictator.
A: Can we go back to Josephine and that relationship? It seemed important enough for you to bring it to my attention several times. Can you divulge more about what you call treachery?
N: She thought she could hide an unsanctified relationship from me and she sort me out for her own purposes. She was the only woman who got under my skin and left me vulnerable.
A: You remarried.
N: My second wife was a dedicated woman to me only – I had her vetted all the time. She was unmatched and honourable.
A: Do you have any regrets?
N: Josephine is my only regret.
A: And what advice would you give people today knowing what you know?
N: My heart was my weakness for my first wife and I was not here to be weak. I had other lives to explore my vulnerabilities. My only advice is do what you came to do and never let fear stop you.
A: (Wow – a white orb just went through my note book)
N: It is getting late. You’ll need to sustain yourself so I shall go. (He picked up I was hungry!) Thank you for donating your time so generously to me today. I had not thought to have a voice too much before but I’m glad I could do it today with you and Kari.
A: It was our pleasure entirely and thanks for this addendum to the video given how stunned we were and how intimidated I was.
N: Think nothing of it. I am Napoleon, it’s expected.
How bows like a gentleman banging his heels together and leaves.



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