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Channelling Rik Mayall


Rik showed up today when my friend Mimi and I were chatting about him. This afternoon I could feel him still around me and see him in my third eye so I asked him to verify his presence. He said what would you like me to do and promptly snorted like his alter ego Rick in the Young Ones. He starts pulling faces at me in my third eye with flared nostrils and snorts to go with it, and I’m not sure what’s going to happen at this point, if we’re interviewing or he’s just hanging out cause there’s been a lot of spirit activity of this nature recently in an effort to support us mediums on our journeys, but he asked me to ask him questions so there’s my in, to interview him.
Alison: Hi Rik, how are you?
Rik: You know what I’m perfectly fine. You’d think all this death and dying would be a bag of old morbid rubbish but it’s not it’s just the opposite and I’m enjoying being dead! Miss my family of course but there’s still much I can do and I can let them know I’m around. I like a good laugh, spy on my friends and wot not. Ade, like to spook him – BOO!
Alison: (I burst out laughing) Is that what you’re doing, oh my word, that is so funny.
Rik: Well I’ve got to keep busy and that’s only one of my jobs in the afterlife to scare my friends and family but I also channel comedy routines to various writers keeping the flow of fun going.
Alison: Have you stopped to relax at all since you crossed over?
Rik: Relaxing is for losers, I want to be busy and having fun and still working. There’s nothing quite like it so that’s what I do.
Alison: That’s very cool that you are keeping up the high energy. (All the while we’ve been talking he’s showing me old footage of the characters he’s played) Tell me what growing up was like for you?
Rik: Firstly let me tell you about my wife, my wonderful wife, she kept me laughing, everyday was a super blast with her. I love and miss her very much. (He’s now showing me images of Jennifer Saunders too and other comedians, and there’s a distinct feel for all those comedians of that era)
Alison: Do you spook your family as well as Ade or do you behave with them? (He’s got mischief written all over him.)
Rik: No I let them know I’m there too but not in the same way as Ade, I like to wind him up as much as possible.
Alison: Does he know it’s you or is he one of those who ignores spirit.
Rik: Too thick skulled probably.
Alison: What brought you to comedy acting?
Rik: Well my parents were a huge influence on me they were very talented and funny and they taught us to express ourselves but I love alternate comedy and would perform it at school where possible. School was a lark about I preferred laughter than books. I just wanted to have fun and create fun for others.
Alison: How did you know we were talking about your today?
Rik: That’s easy when channels are open the connection is very quick – in short I heard you and came for a look.
Alison: So in life then, it would seem from my perspective that you had a lot of success and love and friendship. How was it from your point of view?
Rik: I had a wonderful life and it was all round pretty damn good. I had a lot of fun, shared my fun with the world, that’s what I came to do.
Alison: What about you’re passing it seemed like such a quick exit (He’s playing the Bee Gees song tragedy in my head – it’s all one huge joke to him)
Rik: Well, it was a surprise to me you could say.
Alison: Did you leave quickly?
Rik: Yes, I wasn’t getting back in, they tried but it was my time to go, it wasn’t random, it was meant to be my exit point, and I’m still not fucking dead. That’s what shits me the most about the afterlife, we’re not dead and anyone who thinks we disappear in a cloud of smoke is a tosser with his head up his own bum-hole.
Alison: I agree with that sentiment. Were you here to teach anything?
Rik: Laughter – to teach laughter by being funny and not taking anything so seriously.
Alison: What was crossing over like for you – did you see a white light or tunnels?
Rik: I remember sitting by my body in the hospital thinking well this is flaming lovely, then I kind of drifted off into this huge place of grass and trees. I didn’t see a light or a tunnel, I just felt a gentle tug and next thing I knew it was party central, like getting off a train during a jubilee celebration for the Queen where everyone’s happy. I thought “fuck me if this is being dead, I’ll have some more”. It was friendly, blue skies, and a feeling of welcome home your tour of duty is over, relax, but I didn’t want to relax, I enjoy creating so I work where I can and keep sending funny stuff to the masses.
Alison: I’m so glad you do that, it’s wonderful. So all in all you are happy with your life and love and career then?
Rik: Yes, very.
Alison: What was your life review like?
Rik: Well I had these 3D glasses on watching the biggest bloody screen you can think of and I felt like I was there watching for an eternity but time is a strange beastie over here – can’t wrap my he’d around that one yet, but anyway I realised that my life was a play that housed many plays. A bit like waking up from a dream to find you’re still dreaming.
Alison: Would you do anything different?
Rik: No I wouldn’t, I think I got it as much right as I could with the odd blip along the way and nothing I can’t handle.
Alison: So what’s next for you then now?
Rik: I’ll keep doing what I’m doing and spreading the laughter.
Alison: You’re awesome.
Rik: I know (snorts) Ere, do you want to hear a joke – there were two waitresses in a bar and one says to the other what’s your game. The other says football, the first one says I don’t like football too many fellas – you just like balls, the second one says don’t be daft I’m talking about foot massaging my husband’s testicles! (Oh my gawd I did not know where to turn – not sure if it’s funny but it’s bloody rude and he seems to be enjoying getting me out of my comfort zone)
Alison: Thanks Rik
Rik: No thank you, I love to prank, that was your prank, the worst joke ever; I’ve got more…
Alison; Erm, no thanks but thanks for the offer though.
Rik: I’ll be on my way then shall I.
Alison: Not if you don’t want, feel free to hang out for a while and so he did.


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