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Channelling Gerald Gardner Part 2


Follow-up Afterlife Interview with Gerald Gardner – Wiccan Extraordinaire. We finished the YouTube interview and Gerald was watching me process the video and generally chatting and I felt like he still had more to say so I thought nothing ventured nothing gained and invited him to keep talking. I felt after speaking with Gerald further that he has a genuine passion for people to be free to practice whatever spiritual path they wanted and that they should not be oppressed by official-natured offerings such as religions but moreover, he seemed quite political in his viewpoint against the hierarchies of the western worlds…

Alison: Hi Gerald – you’re still here so I figured you wanted to chat further.
GG: Yes Miss Allan – yes I’m so curious about the process that I thought to participate more so, because the world is probably ready for this reveal and I should rather like to be a greater part of it. You’re young friend Erik (Medhus), he’s been doing the rounds and inviting us all to come out through the nearest mediums we can find and give our thoughts to which I have many. I should like to be interviewed by Ms Jamie Butler – she is a bright spark isn’t she.
Alison: Ha! Yes she is very much so – I think you like the ladies too.
GG: Oh indeed I do – marvelous creatures of mystery and allure – such wonder in all females.
Alison: So today in the Shiny Show you revealed some of your soul contract, can you maybe expand on that more?
GG: Yes indeed I can. I came here to learn as I always do and to help bring to the world a difference in pathways, that not all paths are the same nor should they be, it was within my contract to expose diversity and break dogma out of its hold on the population. I helped bring our craft back into the popular mind again and back where it is today – at least in the West it is not illegal so job well done on that score!
Alison: Yes absolutely – no one person/group or body has the right to determine the path of spiritualism to any other person/group or body. It would seem from that answer you felt you fulfilled your soul contract?
GG: Yes I did and I’ve been fighting for the underdog in all my incarnations – that’s my purpose for coming as well as my own learning styles too. Great Britain had always had a love/hate relationship with the craft and it’s always been a political stunt to do so, it’s either in vogue or it’s not. It depends on the agenda of the powers that be. Up until the Victorian Era the love for the craft was hidden, it remained very much the occult – a secret – because it wasn’t safe to be open otherwise, and it was only as the Victorians opened up to the past with their curiosities that the craft once again raised its head and the truth is that the craft is really just a theatrical version of spirituality as you know it now. I’m not trying to blindside people here into believing that there are no people who would not exploit energy workings because there are, however, what you should know is that those who do exploit the craft for their own good are the ones publicly condemning it and using religion to hide behind – one rule for them and one rule for the population at large and that time is coming to an end and not a minute too soon either if you ask me.
Alison: I can see you are very passionate about that.
GG: Indeed I am!
Alison: So I guess it would be fair to say that you are happy with your life and how it played out?
GG: I am yes – I did what I came to do.
Alison: You referenced love of the self in the video – would you like to expand on that too?
GG: Yes, yes, indeed it is but a folly that the human-race does not as a whole love itself from the inside out – it is always trying to love itself via the values of other people who are also trying to love themselves by the value of other people, and before you know it we have a race of people wandering around miserable because they don’t love anything outside themselves and becoming a pack of whiners with no hope but for the victims they play.
Alison: You’re very forthright!
GG: No point in holding back – I feel it’s better not to mystify anything we say, just speak one’s own truth always.
Alison: Ok, yes that’s a fair comment. Do you feel that as a Wiccan, your words have an energetic impact so there should be no misunderstanding about what you’re message is?
GG: Absolutely it should be that way – we can cause a great deal of damage with words unbeknownst to other people who are open by no fault of their own ignorance, so it should always be that we express our thoughts in as plain a way as possible.
Alison: Yes, I see what you mean. So how did that affect your life review taking that position?
GG: I understood what I meant in no uncertain terms and so did those around me – that shone through in my life review and I enjoy the process every time because where I could’ve done better, that lesson stays with me – I judge myself hard to become the best version of myself I can be.
Alison: What do you like to do in the afterlife?
GG: Spirit side you mean (he’s grinning).
Alison: Haha yes if you like that better.
GG: I play a mean hand at poker and I study and travel. The universes are wonderful places to explore – variety is the spice of life no matter what version of yourself you are playing whether that’s in 3D or without a physical body – for example, I have been an ocean, and I have been a star in the sky and no matter what type of conscious experience I choose, I do it all with such gusto and reverence – best foot forward – always. (I never asked if he meant literally those things or he was being poetic because he does have a flair for language.)
Alison: What was crossing like for you then?
GG: (He sighs deeply.) It was both a relief and a blessing of joy. The equivalent is a hard day’s work in the heat of the day and coming home to a baked supper and a warm shower – slippers on – feet up – job done – that’s how death is for me.
Alison: Sounds poetic.
GG: And so it should – life on earth or any planet is merely a live classroom where the lessons are learned by application, by a workshop experience – there really is no better way to learn.
Alison: Would you say you’re an old soul?
GG: I am very old in earth terms. I have been around long enough to have experienced several races on earth rise and fall. I am in my origins, as you like to call it, from the region of space known as the Pleiades – that is where I return to when I am not inhabiting a body.
Alison: Are you a Pleiadian then?
GG: Not as such – there are many various races in that part of the sky, it’s very populated.
Alison: What would you call yourself then?
GG: I would call myself a galactic traveler though I return to my origins, I prefer not to be anything but a soul that is on a long journey of self-discovery unraveling the mysteries of the universes.
Alison: What advice would you give to the human race right now?
GG: I would simply say – open your mind to the possibilities for without them you are nothing.
Alison: Wow – Ok, that’s blunt but true. Thank you.
GG: My dear you are welcome beyond measure and we shall meet again no doubt. (He holds my hand between both of his in a fatherly way and makes me feel very assured of his words, then tells me to get to work and finish uploading his video interview ahahahahaha.)



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