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Transitional Portals

We talk about the dimensional planes in numbers when the fact of the matter is that they really don’t have a number, (numbers imply a hierarchy but there is no hierarchy in spirit, there is only different functions). The numbering system serves a purpose which for us seems to be better understood as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and so on: However, these dimensions are not all there is, between the dimensions are other plains of existence and one in particular has had my attention since it was first revealed to me a year ago. In a discussion today with my medium colleague, she named it the “Aura Portal” Dimension and indeed that is a very apt term for it (The pagans call it part of the spiral), it could also be called a transitional dimension between this heavy density and the very lighter spirit dimensions, and I’ll try to describe what the Portal Dimension is for and what it does at least from my research, experience, and channellings.


I first began to see this strange fluxing location in my third eye in 2014. I was standing inside a stone floor that was a sunken circular-shape and around the edges there was a small stone wall creating a central meeting place – I knew instinctively there was much more behind me and to the sides but I could initially only see ahead of me which stretched out for miles in a twilit mountain range where the sun never rose or set behind it. When I looked to the sides, in my third eye it was blank (there was also some subtle blocking programs I could see to my right which gradually fell away as I opened up, I assumed this to be the spiritual blindness being eroded away). When I tried to turn around and see behind me, I remote viewed myself remote viewing this location and got blinded by bright light so you see it posed a bit of a conundrum for me and it’s not that this place is mine to see and mine alone – most psychics and mediums see into it or know of it, their visions of it may differ but it is essentially the same place. This is often the place that the symbolic messages form when I’m in a reading or it’s how I look for past lives because inside this portal I can see the planet on a different scale, greyed out but the symbols of the countries and locations and periods are plain enough to see.


The portal has been described to me as the place we all travel through to get to the higher spiritual dimensions after bodily death. Imagine if you can, a stark stormy place where everything moves about, fluxes and changes at the drop of a hat, has the consistency of paint or soft butter, has almost no colour except for various shades of grey – it does have a gloomy look to it but it’s not gloomy to be there – it just is, it exists as a connective tissue to you and to the spirit world – hence the word portal. Everyone has access to this portal dimension, it’s where ideas are form, where, if the idea is created and not picked up by you then it moves to the next person and the next person and so on, it’s where spirits can pop in and out of to reach out to you without fully coming into our 3D reality, it’s where your guides put information out to reach you even if you don’t know that’s happening, it is happening. I would even go as far to say that it houses our collective consciousness, but it’s tangible, as in you can go into it, tap into it, some humans who are very adept at using it will do so to connect to other people in there. You might also want to think of it as a back room that everyone can occupy.


During my visitations into the portal I discovered a lot of souls in there and I recently asked one of my guides why they are there, what is the purpose of that as they look lost and stuck.  He said some spirits use this dimension to just be, to stay, to ponder, to exist, to sit, and would seem stuck but for the premise of freewill which states clearly that we choose our own path at all times, therefore they’re not stuck without their own permission to be stuck.


When my journeys into spirit began on this deeper level most of my spirits visitors would use this place to come visit me. I would often find that my family would be there just observing and I could meet my guides there also. Robert Munro first discussed this place years ago as if it were a foggy dense type of noise that we had to get through to get to spirit – I wondered what he meant by that – not a direct quote but close enough – now I understand it. It would seem like a cloud of visual noise to look at and another spirit friend of mine described it as unstable, a lower vibrational place that is neither light nor dense, again leading to the conclusion that it is a portal realm.


As I became more aware and more comfortable with these things being real, based on listening to others speak of their experiences I began to see more and more of this portal location in my third eye, I could see to the left and to the right and there was form of sorts.

During my experience with the psychic expo earlier this year I met a young lady who was so adept she could step onto the portal plane anytime and she took me in – it was fascinating, I felt the connection to the ground as I stepped away from my body and while we were in there I went to a building which seemed fixed enough and there were people in it just sitting around looking lost. We also saw what looked like an angelic being floating through the ether, her gown was sky blue but it was also part of the air around her whipping about in the swirling subtle density. The most difficult thing to do in there is not get swept up by the currents of air and the ever changing landscape but after many trips in and lots of practice I can navigate a bit better, but I guess when I’m not searching for information specifically then there’s going to be some room for movement in a place that is not densely solid like our 3D.


Lastly, if I could describe this transitional portal as a visual metaphor I would say look at the layers of a chocolate biscuit, you have the very hard biscuit-base layer which is the 3D and below we live in, then you have the gooey softer upper layers which is the transitional portal we cross through and access as described above, and then you have on top of that an infinite column of air which is all the other dimensions, so light, you can’t see them.


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