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Channelling Oscar Wilde


I’ve been feeling Oscar Wilde around on and off for a couple of weeks his energy reminds me of Noel Coward’s very light-hearted but also at times broken by the lives they lived. He also came through with an Irish accent which was unexpected even though he was born Irish, he was educated and mingled with the English so I assumed he would drop that accent – I think he put it on for my benefit to some degree but I can’t verify that information.

A: Hello Oscar – how are you?

O: Top of the morning to you (in his best Irish accent jokingly)

A: A little past lunch but I’ll take that answer. Tell me how is your life across the veil?

O: Well, I very nearly died (he’s a joker alright).

A: How do you mean Oscar (I laugh)?

O: In heaven, I very nearly died when I got here instead of the other place – I thought holly b’Jesus, hell and damnation I’m in the wrong hole. Couldn’t work out how they got mi tickets mixed up.

A: (I cracked up laughing.) That’s so funny! So you thought you were going south to hell and had a big surprise when there wasn’t a hell to go to.

O: I surely did – I was worried I’d be lonely up here. Turns out it’s quite a nice place and we can do what we want to and all my friends and family got here too – it was a slap up every time one of them popped in to be sure, I was like – well I’ll be blown and not in a sexual way either. (laughter)

A: Were you able to have payback on those that ratted you out and had you incarcerated?

O: I don’t talk to them even now, who are they anyway? (Rhetorically he doesn’t need an answer to that, I felt like he still had a grudge but not on a deep level – more dismissive than anything and staying in character, we always have to account for that.) I don’t care, I lived my life full as any man should’ve. I’m proud of that fact – very proud.

A: So how would you describe yourself while in the body?

O: As a zany nut with a flair for the fantastic.

A: Did you enjoy your life then?

O: I most certainly did – well until I found out what a bunch of twats people could be but then that’s all part of the human drama isn’t it. I mean, that’s why we came here to confront those dogmas in some way.

A: Was that your purpose then to confront narrow-minded bigots?

O: You got that right and confront them I did. If I hadn’t it would’ve changed the course of mi life and I’d probably not have introduced such a huge-injustice into the popular culture, the lower echelons and all that got to have a voice through my ego.

A: Was it really ego though that you challenged the mindset about what is ok and what isn’t ok to say/do to people.

O: Yes, pure ego – I was in a gay relationship and there was much at stake, but in actual fact it was my downfall. The upside is that it began to erode injustices both in the prison system and of a human’s right to love whoever they wanted to love. I was a pack of cards and it takes one to start the descent to publicly notify of the oppression of the freedom of love. Love has no boundaries. We’re all entitled to fulfil our selves in love however we want with consent of course. I was an adult and entitled to love a man.

A: What else were you here to achieve?

O: I was here to create and by popular culture create is what I did.

A: What about your family – how did you come to reconcile your true feelings with a male partner and its effects on your family in that time period?

O: It was no mean feat that’s for sure. They suffered greatly and I’m sorry for that but it was the way we planned it out – we knew there was going to be emotional struggles.

A: Let’s talk about your work, in particular Dorian Gray – I’ve not read it but I’ve seen several movies. There’s a dark side alluded to in the search for beauty.

O: Aye – that there is. It can consume a person to the point it takes over their lives but I saw it as something supernatural to use as an allegory – it sends a message that from within we are to grow, not from without. Dorian Gray was a narcissist who couldn’t let go of his youth so he traded it – it became his mantra for a better life but in reality it consumed all the love that was inside of him. He was led astray in his early years but he still had a choice. The story highlights the hypocrisy among the wealthy, one life behind the scenes and one on show. I had to live that way but I wasn’t exclusive in that fact.

A: What do you mean you wasn’t exclusive in that fact?

O: Everyone had a double life back then – we had no choice. There was a respectability that one had to adhere to among the gentry otherwise it was to the gallows with your slimy arse.

A: So that’s where the hypocrisy comes in?

O: Aye, indeed it does and that’s why the wall had to come down on homosexual relationships because of the sheer numbers of gay people in both sexes.

A: Did you have a life review?

O: I surely did.

A: Tell us about that then, your death and the review.

O: I was unwell for a long time I know my health had gone south in prison and I was probably susceptible to bacteria I may not have come across if I’d been in my own world. So I deteriorated physically but it was more than that, on a soul level I felt betrayed by people who were supposed to love me – I was no libertine – just a man in search of love.

A: And what about dying…

O:  Dying, such a blessing, I’d had enough, it was a hard eked-out existence (after prison he means) and I didn’t want it, I didn’t like having to live a lie to hold my head up and the truth is my job was done. I’d made my stand by going to Jail

A: What about crossing over how did that come about?

O: It didn’t at first. I was waiting for fire and brimstone to come and swallow me up but it didn’t come. I made my way home to see my wife and I felt her pain. It was awful but also understanding – I got it from her point of view how hard I made her life. I stopped by some friends’ places and watched on as a member of the audience. (He’s putting a picture of scrooge in my head watching his friends eat Christmas dinner and talk about Scrooge behind his back.) They would carry on without me and I felt empty and surreal like it was a dream, then I realised I was dead and even hell didn’t want me, so what was I to do then (aww poor Oscar he felt so alone at that point). I wanted to ask God for a sign and all of a sudden I felt very warm and tingly and pulled on a zephyr away from all the noise and grit of the human race and I woke up in a hospital with nurses fussing over me. I thought, fuck me it was a dream and I’m still alive. Then I began to peace it all together and the life review didn’t start straight away like it does for some – they thought I needed healing first, on a soul level, my soul was a little damaged and bit by bit I was lifted up energetically into the world we call heaven. It’s heaven, it’s a place with such beautify that one word doesn’t do it justice. Then after a while I started to greet my family and my life review began and it was like science fiction – nothing I’ve ever seen before, a grand screen to watch, yet I wasn’t watching, I was absorbing information. It’s hard to describe. It’s not physical but it is.

A: How did you feel during?

O: I was glad for the review because now I made sense again and I wasn’t being oppressed under all that human emotion.

A: I see, elated then.

O: Yes, I had a huge weight lift off me during the review. Being human is like carrying a 30-pound pack around all day, every day, day in, day out – monotonous as to say the least. It’s no wonder we all liked our pleasures.

A: Booze?

O: Oh yes, plenty of booze in that era. A guilty acceptable pleasure for the gentry but woe be tide a man who drinks and is poor, then it becomes a sin. One rule for them and one rule for us. That’s the class system and it had to go – still an issue in the human race, just not as prevalent anymore.

A: So what do you like to do now in the afterlife?

O: I like to read and I adore women and men. I’m still very much in love with myself (he’s joking now). But no seriously, I do love men and women, even in the afterlife. I go to parties and we play, have fun, fulfil our fantasies where possible, and construct ideas, create things.

A: Like what for example?

O: New plays and scenarios and send them to earth to be bashed out by some novice wannabe – no seriously (I can’t tell when he’s serious unless he says it and even then I’m not entirely sure haha) I’m joking. I love everyone and want to see them all succeed, the common man especially I love to see them rise above their station – we all have a station in life and so rising above it is a spectacularly British thing to do. From here the view of earth is one that needs a big injection of happiness, love and self-esteem – that’s what we’re working on from this side and it’s a treasure to be able to do that.

A: So what would your parting shot be for the human-race or anyone reading this?

O: …because it’s not always the human-race reading it (he raises one eyebrow).

A: haha – thanks for the literal interpretation but you know what I mean.

O: to be yourself, to love who you want to love, to create, to pass joy onto others, to just be, don’t squander your journey on “why me”, squander your journey on “why NOT me” because this is the only life you get in that configuration, it’s a real bitch doing it again – bloody contracts and arrangements and agreements – no seriously, I mean it, do it right the first time.

A: Thank you Oscar – that was wonderful advice.

O: You’re welcome sweet lady – now I’m off to eat cucumber sandwiches with Queen Victoria.

A: Haha, ok off you go then (he came back later to make sure I was typing up his interview though and sat on my lounge as large as life itself. He’s a large presence in a room that’s for sure).



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