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Channelling Al Capone #2


Please read Part 1 first


So after the interview with Mimi on Psychic Punx – Al hung around on my side of the Atlantic and we talked more – he was still flirting with me too so we set up a date for when I eventually get there but that ws all in fun and his character – I want the full speak easy set up….. Al is a good fun character but by no means is he a teddy bear as the man that he was – in all these interviews we are dealing with an echo of the person that was, more so than anything else – an Afterlife interview is a means to which they can reinvest in the character once again.

Alison: Hey again Al – so you’ve just been interviewed for the Psychic Punx project, what do you think of that now?

Al: I’m overwhelmed at the work you goils are doing over here – ya know guys like me don’t get a lotta requests to come back an advise – we’re not strictly advisory material if you know what I mean, unless It’s how to strip a gun down and clean it before the cops get a hold of it – that’s my thing.

Alison: Yeah it was your thing but that’s not the case anymore is it – you are helping the gun situation now in the US

Al:  I wonder why at times – seems like a never ending task but I’m on it. I understand that things have to be learned and this is a big one – the planet so wrapped up in money – it’s all part of the problem. I know only too well about that because of my own experience.

Alison: We didn’t ask about the tax evasion in the interview so do you want to talk about that now.

Al: Not really – my biggest failure to let the tax department bring me down. Who’d a fuckin thought! It is what it is. I wouldn’t mind but there’s not even a fucking mandate for tax collection in the constitution.

Alison: do you feel like it was a failure?

Al: Nah, yeah, I dunno, I guess it proves there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

Alison: So you talked about what you do now in spirit by helping gun reform.

Al: Yeah, I mean I was only able to do what I did because there was no gun control. We massacred hundreds of people – there is no escaping that. It was the life we chose, it w wild and I was king. That was who I chose to be and nuthen was gonna stop me from succeeding – except the fuckin tax laws.

Alison: (I laugh, but he’s really cranky about the tax affair though it’s a lot of tongue in cheek at this point.) You did succeed and the tax laws were all they had to stop you from gaining even more notoriety.

Al: I know my life was a success – I planned it that way, and I did what I had to do. I opened up the corruption and changed things – life was better after though it still got a long way to go – there’s too much greed in the US and the world in general.

Alison: Would you say that now you’re on spirit-side you’re a fighter for the good of everyone instead?

Al: I am – that’s what I do.

Alison: In the interview you said that your mother was violent and abusive towards you – did that include your brothers too>

Al: She had to be tough with all boys – if she hadn’t we’d have ended up in jail or dead long before our time.

Alison: That’s interesting you’ve just put a positive spin on your upbringing.

Al: Mammas had to be tough or they lost sons – mammas don’t like that.

Alison: How different are the places you grew up in today – have they improved

Al: There’s gangs and there’s gangs. We had style and control of the community around us. If we fucked up we paid for it. Today there’s no loyalty at all. There’s fight for fights sake – people killing for no good purpose. That’s why I do what I do to help bring civility to the streets. When I was Al – civility was given. You were either working and earning a living and doing the right thing – even if that meant working for a crime boss – you had dignity – today thy don’t work – they kill. They’re deprived of the means to care for themselves, the poverty has reached all-time highs. You can’t expect peace in an environment where you get shot by some loser who’s got no education and his daddy is a drunk – it’s not his fault. That’s gotta change so the value of life has been brought back.

Alison: You’re value of life when you were here what was that on a scale of 1 to 10?

Al: You did the work you got rewarded – you fucked up, mucked around, you got a bullet. That’s not who I am, that’s Al the character. That was my lesson and for a great many around me to.

Alison: You’re still talking big and tough though…

Al: Can’t help it – love playing this guy but it’s not who I am.

Alison: Also in the interview I asked you to shoe Mimi you’re true spirit – why the old wise man?

Al: I like him too and he shows longevity I’m no spring chicken.

Alison: Where do you originate form – your soul origin?

Al:  From God – I am god, both as Al, I was god but I get it now in spirit I am still god – I’m a part of his personality with the will to choose a path of learning.

Alison: Have you and your mama made it up in spirit?

Al: Nuthen to make up – she did her job so I could do mine.

Alison: Is there anything you’d like to add before we close?

Al: Yeah – dinner – my place – wear somethin nice….

Alison: Very funny Al (laughing)

Al: Works every time – see ya around sweetheart.

Alison: Bye Al and thanks for the extra chat.

Al: Don’t mention it – you broads are doing a great job – keep it up.


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