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The Philosophy of the Higher Self


Can we really detach from that which we think we are and what exactly is that anyway? These questions came to me last night as I worked with a spirit on an interview and also again this morning I pondered it after getting a profound message from Erik Medhus (from channelingerik.com) about a friend we share in terms of her soul contract with herself and how to detach from what she is experiencing. Here is the original post from Channelling Erik blog members Group on Facebook:


“Some of you know that Kari has a past life connection to Erik - many of us do. Anyway Kari has had some challenges in the last few years and I just got a vision for her from Erik and she's given permission to share it because it puts into perspective what this life is really all about to be human:

Me: I just had a profound vision of you pre-human. You were standing there with a script talking to Erik and you said "ok so you come in at this stage and set off a chain of events for me so I can really work through this emotional baggage I've collected" the event is where you get his book in the post [mysteriously]. It was a casual conversation between you two about your soul contract. The scene I got shown you in, was a stage, you were standing in the wings of a stage with red velvet curtains behind as if discussing a play - your human life play. It put so much in perspective - I think you needed to know this info. You weren't the least bit phased by what you planned for yourself - it was just a play and you are so much greater than the person you think you are - don't start fucking blubbering lol when you read this ahahahaha

Kari: Not only am I blubbering I'm in the motherfucking grocery store!”


So as I sat and pondered this and the thoughts my spirit friend had to say, I asked again: can we really detach from that which we think we are – the operative word is “think”. What we think we are is human, individual, male, female, drunk, sober, victim, aggressor, gay, straight, rich, poor, unhappy, happy and so on… All these words are labels that we put ourselves under pressure to be and none of them are true. (The word true can be ambiguous, so in this context it is assumed there is no other truth than you are an aspect of your true self {HS}; therefore to say that: I am a man, or, I am a woman, is a falsehood because this is merely an experience you’re having.) – The labels are simply aspects of the things we came here to learn about. They are not who we are: being poor does not define us as a being of equality and intelligence it is simply a state of how we're living. The labels are that we experience, they are not what we are – who we are is an eternal soul on a mission to learn about ourselves as a spiritual being not as a solid human. We only become the poor person if we “think" we are. We only become the victim if we “think” we are. We only become gender specific if we “think” we are - to the level that it makes us judgemental about same sex relationships and so on it goes.


The societal labels are not ubiquitous descriptions of the person we came here to experience. They are the aspects of our reality that we are creating by thought and so the level that we can actually become poor by thinking that's what we are is testament to the power of thought, it's not testament to the power of our true self.


My goal is to step back from myself as Alison the human and observe myself from the perspective of Alison the eternal higher self (HS), because that is ME and your HS is YOU. This detachment is very useful in dealing with emotional situations, for alleviating guilt and other low vibrational positions that we experience – we may walk out the door not feeling the best, we verbally snap the head off of some poor clerk in a shop who didn’t deserve it, then we experience guilt later as we realise our mistake; but if we walk out the door as the eternal observer (HS), rather than the individual participant (lower self, LS) we can most certainly avoid that situation completely, because whatever is causing the individual to feel grumpy to start with is analysed and set aside for its learned value not it’s controlling feelings. The HS, will know that what created those feelings is just a lesson in integrating the experience and will analyse it as such, thank it and release it back to the vibration of love. This is the equivalent of passing the exam you just sat – not to mention it will have an effect on the soul review after you cross (not covered in this post).


The LS harbours petty emotions instead and allows them to control their actions, sometimes nurtures them as some kind of warped security-blanket - more often than not taking it out on someone else and so the cycle continues as that original feeling moves through the population. Your grumpy mood could very well reach thousands of people in a matter of days… And you didn’t even have to try!


When my spirit friend brought this subject up, as in – why is he being called for an interview about a life he no longer exists in (linearly) because it has the effect of sharing that which he is instead of that which he was, and thereby changes the perception of that which he was – it’s a valid point! However, my position is that even though the spirit cannot maintain the persona of that which he/she was from the afterlife so fully and completely, they can certainly assist others in knowing what the purpose to being human is from their own experiences as a human and from there the interview became less troublesome and I wondered if he was trying so hard to be that which he was, that it actually had the opposite effect on how I perceived him which kind of validates his point also so both arguments have merit. Anyway, back to the soul contract….


The soul contract, what is even the soul contract? This is my interpretation of the soul contract, it’s a loose set of ideals that we wish to experience and learn from in an environment that isolates us from the whole (spirit world) so that random elements may play out, given our knowledge of how to deal with those elements already exists at various levels of experience and so becomes the source of our new experience of those elements we came to learn about loosely described in the soul contract – let me put it this way: If you were 5 years old and I gave you a piece of paper with a physics problem on it in the form of algebra (at the level of a completed degree in physics at university), you’d pick up a crayon and say ooh look at the pretty shapes I can colour in, or you’d toss it away and go play with something else. If I did that at your age around 14 (assuming a certain level of education), you may say well I understand part of that and I know it’s algebra and I can see how you got to the answer but just don’t ask me to work it out for myself. If I did that at the end of your physics degree you could describe in detail exactly how the answer came about without me even giving you the formula to do it - you would just know. That is the HS bringing into the play its vast knowledge and experience in how to handle the situations it has created in the loosely organised soul contract. The linear age of the person in the analogy is relevant in terms of say how many lives you've had to apply your knowledge too and with each of those lives your experience has grown and so you can apply your knowledge more suitably with each incarnation – just so – the child to the teenager to the fully fledged graduate.


That’s my analogy of the detachedness we can achieve here as a human that functions at the level of HS instead of LS, and chances are if you’re reading this you’re becoming fully aware of the concept that you are the HS and not this poorer weaker lesser singular LS version – the poor relation of the overall soul. I could say that to function as the LS only as if you were indeed separate is to actually remain the poor relation and a stilted way to live but that sounds harsh given that’s exactly what most of us do until awakened by some precipitating events – so then the key becomes that we learn that we are not simply the poor relation and implement the knowledge that says we are the detached observer (HS), so that the next time we walk out the door a little grumpy and about to snap the head off of a poor clerk who’s done nothing to contribute to it, we can ask – what is this feeling, what is its value, could I react differently, and what can I learn from it? Then say thanks and let it go….


As for the soul contract – it remains a loose set of ideals you came here to experience so you can implement your vast awareness in dealing with those situations you included in it. So in answer to the premise of the question above, can we really detach from that which we think we are – the answer is yes – everything is a choice because we are not all the labels that humans place on us, we don’t need to suffer the pressure of being at the behest of other’s opinions or judgements, what we need to do is change our perspective, and start thinking about everything that’s happening around us as a learning tool rather than a harness to hold us back, because what we are is an eternal being of love and light.



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