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Channelling Graham Chapman Part 2


Alison: So he we are again and you’ve been chatting to my friend Lauren about politics so I thought let’s go there – we already know your thoughts about religion – can’t wait to hear this too [laughter].

Graham: Yes well you know I’ve been thinking about that and as religion and politics are really all just flavours of the same medicine, I refuse to drink that stuff. I mean look at that twat running for the Oval Office – what’s his name (Trump lol) – doesn’t even bare thinking about if that Nazi gets the throne of big brother, but if he does well – I’m leaving the bloody neighbourhood and you can all fuck off – that certainly puts me over the edge of sanity – another fucking Nazi barely a 100 years since the last twat! [Turns his head to speak to another spirit] “Sorry Hitler but you were a twat” it had to be said.

(I couldn’t contain my laughter – literally roared out loud to that expose!)

And furthermore…. I have to say that England has gone fucking downhill quite rapidly too since that upstart Blair came and went – well it never was that great but Tony Blair trying to pass himself off as a boiler maker in a suit – who do they think they’re kidding Mr Hitler (The tune to Dad’s Army is playing in my head). No I’m done with politics and religion….

Alison: Thanks for the laughter all that was beautifully put and very Python. Teaching through humour – can’t beat it.

Graham: Alison I admire what you’re trying to do, change the world one tombstone at a time (the connection to “tombstone” if you’ve missed that subtlety is that dogmatic teachings and government systems of the past are now dead, I love Python humour), and I’m not cynical really, I’m not fuelling hell but I wouldn’t take a refund to come back to earth right now because it is so tumultuous. Everything hangs by the balance and I’m saving it all for a Xmas cracker joke, I wish you good luck and I’ll pop in from time to time maybe tickle your funny bone but I’m loving where I am – no more goosestep for me dear…..

Alison: That's fair enough

Graham: It’s a bit like a script reading this, we work, you write, I get bored waiting then we go to the pub.

Alison: Well, yes haha I guess it is because when I’m pondering what you’ve said I think of more questions so we get to add to the overall experience. Did you want to expand on your life more than you have, we kind of got the python version, short and straight to the point!

Graham: I suppose I could talk about it but we still have the philosophical divide here. I am both Graham and some other knob of a spirit, who’s only a bit of Graham and so when I come to you now as I am in spirit, I’m not pure Graham again, only a reflection of him – oh yes I still have all these amazing quick witted comedic skills, the charm, the good looks, the fortune, but in reality, I’m something completely different and do I want the world to know what that is. Do I want to spoil people’s perception of me as a comedic Adonis? (I get the feeling we will only ever get the comedic Adonis as I channel this lol.) Well, wouldn’t want to spoil the broth, I may actually be a total plonker without the Graham part – you’ll never know.

Alison: I feel that’s true if nothing else, you are a man of truth and the truth is you’re not going to talk about your life I get it [laughter].

Graham: My life is really irrelevant at the end of, what is relevant is my experience and how well I managed to affect change in people and myself – to give them that alternative view – to express there may be trouble in paradise if people are too asleep and I believe I did that wholeheartedly. I can relive every moment with you if I wanted but then there’ll be nothing left for the other Pythons to make money out of – love them dearly – they’re all knobs – beautiful, intelligent, funny knobs. I wouldn’t change a thing even after you asked me about change because we can’t take it back by thinking it was wrong. We have to stop judging and start learning, if you’ve done something that didn’t have a good outcome, don’t mard (colloquial term UK for victim/feeling sorry for yourself and so on) yourself in a dark corner whipping yourself till you bleed – learn from it and do not, I repeat, do not repeat it – because repeating the same mistakes over and over is simply stupid and you won’t become that which you can be if you do (shows me an image of a mouse inside a spinning wheel going nowhere).

Alison: I didn’t think you were cynical – you’re being Graham – that which you both are and were and it’s priceless to make such contact – what do you think your fans will make of this?

Graham: Well they’ll read it in conflict of course and not all of them, well maybe 2 of them plus my mother she reads everything you know and then it will lighten the load of those that do and the earth – well between us we may have made a difference – well a big one from me cause I’m a Python and you get the picture.

Alison: [Laughter] Oh I love the insults, passive, aggressive but yes you’re point is valid. Do you have anything to add – advice for the 2 fans, your mother and me – so 4 of us.

Graham: Yes, yes I do – now Fuck Off! (Life of Brian quote, perfectly timed).

Alison: And that’s all she wrote folks – gotta love his honesty and fun. If you read this from the point of view that Graham is a highly evolved spirit who loves to push your buttons with honesty and humour then that is how I saw him throughout and I wish this interview hadn’t ended at all but he’s playing the scene from the Holy Grail where the police come in and arrest them all haha <3





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