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Is the Higher Self Really Such a Mystery: Open Communication


If you’re reading about the spirit for the first time then this is quite an advanced discussion so you may need to get some grounding on the subject first – I highly recommend you read either Dolores Cannon Books or go to the http://www.channelingerik.com archives as there is a great deal on what the spirit really is there, and also try Erik’s antipodean blog http://www.erikmedhusdownunda.com to get a broader narrative about what the soul is capable of - and our spirit interviews on YouTube with Kari Mena that we put on each week have quite a bit of information about the spirit too.


The immediate answer to “Is the Higher Self Really Such a Mystery?” is no.


The first time I started to hear about the higher self (several years ago) was quite out there for me as I had, what I thought was a rational belief, that the entire soul was in this body and that everything lined up end to end, incarnations and so on which turned out to be quite untrue; and in the last few years I have come to learn that absolutely ‘anything’ but that is true. The information I have has come from researching and learning, experiencing and open-mindedness. If this is how you see the spirit then it’s time to hit the research button and check out the links above.


I kept querying to myself while doing readings that sometimes the information that came to me seemed to have no attachment to any being at all, not even a guide – but it had to come from somewhere/someone/something and then I began to learn about the multifaceted, non-linear, multi-dimensional, higher self and I thought to myself “well why on earth am I not talking directly to these mysterious puppeteers who have mastery over us as avatars, or lower selves” – whatever you prefer to call us. The other thing that was happening was that I’d say to a client something that they’d been thinking about and I’d see a penny drop on their faces, they looked bewildered and would say something like: I was only thinking that yesterday or last week and so on. This really got my brain in gear because how could I know what they were thinking, was this telepathy, or was I being told what the information was? Again – who by? I’m skimming over the long story here, the learning has been much longer and more in depth than a blog can account for.


It turns out that a lot of the time, as intuitives, we’re actually connecting to the higher self of the client, through the client’s energy field and once that is a known to us medium types, that higher selves do indeed come through, then it is only a hop, skip, and a jump, before we start actually calling them directly into readings so we know who we’re talking too alongside the guides and the spirit teams. The next logical step for example is if the client and their dad (still living) don’t get along and the client comes for a reading, the higher self of their dad can come in and help the client to work things out. Of late, I have done this a lot – I’ve had entire higher selves of families come in (still living) for a discussion about how to deal with each others' issues at the energetic level. Now some people think this goes beyond ethical reason, but, remember, that FREEWILL reigns supreme and if a higher self does not want to be contacted then it won’t respond. So when a HS does come into a reading then it’s their choice to do so and no ethical dilemma remains.


Freewill is the only law in spirit that makes any sense to me, so if a higher self does not want to come in then they won’t. This line of thinking has led me to speaking with the HSs of my immediate family. I’ve resolved issues with my children through their HSs and I’ve changed my own soul contract through my own higher self. There is no separation literally – What, then, is the logical step from here, in this new open conversation imperative: There is no person living or dead that we cannot speak to in spirit – NONE!!


Today I thought to myself I’m going to contact someone in a high place because there are many things about this planet that bug me, that aren’t right and so I began an experiment with a big named leader which I’ll omit for obvious reasons. I reached his higher self and he was not too pleased. He said I had no right to speak to him and I said well hey you’re not the only spirit to ever have had a big fat role down here so have I, we’re all equal and that gives me the right to contact whomever I want – besides, you chose to respond, you didn’t have to. We didn’t talk long and we didn’t really get anywhere with the conversation, I was told to keep out (that’s fairly damming of that spirit isn’t it) the point is – these people are no longer able to hide behind laws of separation and bodyguards as more and more people wake up to their own spiritual journey……

……..do you even know how powerful you are as a spiritual being? Do you ever stop and wonder why the peeps in charge don’t want you to get all spiritual on them – why would they want us badgering their higher selves – they wouldn’t – it ruins the game they’re playing doesn’t it when you can just go oh that’s not right I’ll speak with your higher self about this – especially if it happens on mass. You are so powerful you cannot be stopped under any circumstances from canvassing the higher selves of politicians and world leaders – nothing but your own fear can stop you from changing the world this way.


The only question is now –– will you?


Conversation with Erik Medhus prior to publishing:

A: What do you think Erik?

E: It’s a brave new world when you realise that no one is safe from an earful by the intrepid Alison.

A: ahahahahahaha. Am I safe doing this stuff though?

E: If you’re willing to take the plunge then hey – ideas have to come out one way or another and you just elected to throw this one out there Ali – someone gotta do it or change doesn’t happen. You’re leaping through life like a Gazelle on speed, the way you’re coming to understand the universe so I won’t say no don’t do it (my freewill here) because it’s you and you’ll go – what the fuck do you know Erik.

A: ahahahahaha what you trying to say mon amie! My humble little ego thinks if this is a truth then it should be known as it tears down walls.

E: You’re right it does but do the walls need to come down so fast or is this Alison’s impatience kicking in – weren’t you here to learn patience???

A: If I was then I’m an epic fail and proud of it. People will only choose a certain direction they want to go in if they know it exists.

E: True, true – look I won’t say no don’t share these thoughts but be aware you will piss people off with this “big fat” revelation.

A: Well, no one has to follow the words of anyone else and besides, look what the spirit world has made me put up with for months now they’ve been having ago at me for doing what I do from lower vibrational standpoint and that has led me to this very revelation (I had problems with a nasty little spirit who didn’t wanna cross recently with all his funky religious beliefs and I ended up calling his higher self to wind his own energy in as it was a breach of my freewill, so he was left with no choice but to call his own little avatar home – one spirit’s experience cannot come at the expense of another’s under any circumstances.)

E: I know, consequences hey, they have to learn if they pick the wrong gal the opposite of what they want will likely happen. There are literally hundreds of thousands more out there like you willing to push the boundaries and not be stopped.

A: You said I had more people to affect before I get to get out of here – well maybe this is the shit I’m meant to be affecting them with – you guys can see the direction of the future when we make these things happen so tell me – do you see a positive step in my future?

E: Can’t tell you that as it may influence something important that you are about to do.

A: What a cop out – gawd the spirit world gets on my wick at times.

E: Go – intrepid Alison into the great blue yonder, but suit up, it may get bumpy.

A: ahahaha ok Captain!

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