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The Higher Self Phenomena, Taboos of Permission


I was asked to talk about the higher-self perspective given our recent expose into the subject on Shiny Chat for a bit of fun. I guess the subject is also a pet project as I seem to write about it at every opportunity.


I ran with the idea that anyone can be contacted, living or crossed, because there is no death and everyone in the land of this physical 3D side has a higher aspect, just like the spirits we interview on a weekly basis are indeed HSs, with incarnations that we just aren’t aware of so it was a hop, skip and a jump to think that we can talk to whomever we want no matter what they got going on – even the current Pope is accessible…


I’ve been doing just this in readings with clients and it’s been helping people greatly to get that wisdom not only off themselves but also off family members, and to show how this type of work can be utilised for the greater good we did the Higher Self Shiny Chat for a bit of fun, but also as a means to learning just how connected and how the seriousness about being here is not as serious as you think. We are eternal beings and our higher selves are working tirelessly to help us understand this in the present time.


When Kari and I interview a spirit, or when I do readings, I am contacting the HS of a person who is here, it could be your own HS, it could be your partner’s HS, it could be that you’re a King of Old France, with a current incarnation as a movie star who does coffee adverts, and – who showed up to be interviewed in both capacities!! The point is there are no rules that say you can’t contact the higher selves of the living, the HS of your neighbour is just as accessible as the HS of your dog or, let’s go for the big guns and call in Putin and Obama – all are having the same experience as you and me and Obama and Putin probably have a little girl on a hillside stroking a lambs head somewhere in their soul history (Shiny Show Humour) – they’re all here to learn about themselves. Being on earth is simply a game of chess with a twist – the pieces (you and me) get to move themselves!!


Some people are taking the position that there is no permission to contact HSs from the person they’re incarnated as and this is folly. It is an ego-based position because the HS has its own autonomy to decide yes I will do this or no I won’t. It’s unlikely that the HS of anyone would show up if they think it isn’t of any benefit. My personal opinion is that in the past the HS and the incarnation have remained relatively separate (in the known sense) for a reason so that the lower self could have its incarnation unaffected by the spirit world, unless of course the spirit world was meant to be part of their incarnation (more likely in current times). It’s no longer the case that the two are seen as separate – there are no rules, probably never was, maybe some general ideals of what was the best way for each incarnation to proceed at best but now that access to spirit is rapidly changing then the general ideals are also changing, they have to by default to the new setting – to use computer lingo.


Greater it is, than say, I can (use Yoda Voice) that this phenomena is perplexing some, we are going at our own paces and if the HS phenomena doesn’t sit right with you then maybe ask what exactly it is that is bothering you about it – do you think that all of a sudden your HS will betray your trust. That’s an insecurity issue. Why would you not trust yourself? Talking to someone’s HS will not be the equivalent of your mother getting out your naked baby photos of you drooling by the fire to show your partner, it will not yield information that will get you in trouble from the time you nicked sweeties from the corner shop, your HS will not discuss your bathroom habits and any other number of personal items on your list of “what-happens-on-planet-earth, stays-on-planet-earth”, so what are you worried about. The truth is that the spirit world is filled with love and light and it is not out to hurt you. Your HS is active all the time and the only difference is we’re starting to know about it – if your HS has another incarnation in another location and that incarnation crosses, and the family goes to a medium to speak to their loved one, then they’re contacting your HS but the persona is different and so you’re just not aware of it.


I hope this is expanding on the possibilities and realities already out there that we couldn’t possibly cover here, my intention is to help you think about this in a broader perspective. So back to the permission position: do we have permission to talk the HS of anyone currently here without going to the incarnation themselves? The answer is, if they turn up and talk we have permission. No HS is exclusive or owned by their LS so if you want to discuss this further feel free to call my HS on the astral phone service: 1800-AILFINN-HS. ;)





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