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Crazy Rider and the Law of Attraction

July 28, 2016


I feel like I've been so slack of late not putting out any blogs for a while but there's been good reason for it and so today I wanna tell you a little story about the Law of Attraction:



We moved into this unit about a year ago, it was peaceful until the Landlord's son moved in next door and that's when the fighting and abuse started between him, his ex-wife and all manner of people. We were due to sign a new lease and in our absent mindedness as we were supremely busy with the a short term shop and our work that we accidentally signed for a year instead of 6-months, so we got stuck here beyond what we actually wanted to be. We knew that we were planning a trip overseas for our daughter's 21st in August plus the guy next door was just too destructive to live next to, so that meant if we broke the lease we'd have to pay for advertising for new tenants and rent until a new tenant was found - so we thought bugger have to stick it out till January and pay rent while we're away; however, I'm always hopeful that things will come to us that we want. On top of the lease issue we also were contending with sporadic work for my husband so he's been on the lookout for a full-time job. The other thing we wanted was to move to the Tablelands as our next location, as it is peaceful up there and the energy is delightful.


What to do, what to do, what to do.....trust in the universe to give us what we want is the attitude we took and the Law of Attraction did the rest.


Of late, the next-door antics have got so bad there's been police called out to the fighting and violence in the street which is a peaceful area usually and so then that gave us our get-out-of-lease-free card and at such a time we could do it in combination with our travel plans. Then the next thing was that we visited our daughters up north and while there, we got a call from an old contact about a job on the Tablelands, not only that - it didn't have to start till we got back from our holidays and when we arrived back in Townsville the job that my husband already had, finally, had been severed. We not only got everything we wanted but the timing could not be more perfect. We are so blessed to have this work out exactly as it needed to be.


I cannot speak highly enough of the Law of Attraction. Some of you know that I offer Abraham appointments and they're such wonderful beings, have an amazing insight into how the world works and I also cannot get enough of Erik Medhus, who is always in my world helping me with my life among the many guides and family also helping me out. The universe consists of all our spirit team and it should be safe to say that if you ask, trust, believe, then your spirit team will deliver on cue just what you ask for, even if the way that it pans out does not appear to be the way until you look back and put the puzzle together. It always pays to simply trust that you are getting what you want no matter what is happening around you.


Peace, Love and light xoxox

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