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Ghosts, Pranks and Pies

September 27, 2016


I’m well and truly back from my UK family trip and the CE Retreat. It was both happy and sad given it’s only a few months since my brother was murdered and so the family is still feeling the pain of that loss. On the upside it was also fantastic to catch up and let loose with my family and friends notwithstanding drinking many beers and eating many pies – when in Rome do as the Roman’s do, so we did and I was glad to be back in Australia to have a bit of a rest from partying. The other interesting thing we did in the UK was meet lots of its ghostly inhabitants to which you might already have heard about if you’re in my group, Ailfinn – Medium, or watching the YouTube as two of them have ended up as guests there – can’t make this stuff up and It is with a happy heart that I wish for everyone to open up their gifts to experience what we experience as mediums. (Sorry if there are typos – I’m always in a rush these days.)

There is nothing special about what we do, some psychics and mediums would have you believe that they are special and unique – they’re not. Mediumship is open to everyone just like drawing is open to everyone, like riding a bike is open to everyone – what isn’t open to everyone is belief, you can’t do anything you don’t believe in – that is the only block to any skill and ability.

Below are all the facebook posts I made about the ghosts in order of discovery. We have two shows about the visit on YouTube with Jonathon from the Woodpecker and Dr John Lister from Shibden Hall. Dr Lister was kind enough to show us around Shibden then an on the spot shiny and this week we have him for a full show and he turned out to be a great deal of fun and very informative. Please sign up to our groups and pages to get the up-to-the minute info about what we’re doing as individuals and as a team with Kari and me.

Story 1: Had some awesome experiences since landing in the UK. Yesterday went out for a walk through my home town and a white mist flashed past me in the street. Then we got to the park and I was bombarded by a fox hunt energetically. Hundreds of spirit dogs ran towards me and I could hear the sounds of the horns and feel horses and riders jostling around me - fantastic!! I get Goosebumps every time I tell this one. We also popped into my long-term friend's house yesterday - she has a ghost like a lot of UK houses do. It moved across me like an icy wind, I bloody froze. He gave me his head pain and I asked why he didn't move on, he just said cause I don't want to, lol. My mum's place is full of blue orbs too ♡♡♡ The Photo above here was created by our good friend Caroline McClemore's daughter.


Story 2: Shibden Hall has several spirits - some are just energy replaying - the others were visiting but crossed over just keeping an eye on their old home. I watched a man fall over a staircase, a little girl showed me her cloth she'd been darning, and an owner, Dr John Lister, asked me if I liked his house, he seemed proud of it. Added a whole new dimension to the tour of the home. This story continues on the YouTube channel with an on the spot chat with Dr Lister plus we got him for a full interview coming out this Friday, Australia time, Thursday night US, early Friday morning in the UK.


Story 3: My ghost adventures continue: went to a very old pub last night called the Woodpecker. Hubby and I went out to a little back room and an icy wind came over me the hairs on my arms were standing on end then I saw him. A big male dressed like a highwayman might dress and he told me the year was 1843. He didn't want to cross over and liked his spot in the back of the pub then I told the landlord and he said he thought they had one or two. Later in the evening I went to the ladies and another one was in there, male, crying in such emotional pain. My step daughter called him moaning Myrtle. He didn't want to talk but he did stop and pay attention when I spoke to him, he stopped crying briefly. He acted as if "what, you can hear/see me" may be that will be enough to help him on his way

Update on the ghost at the Woodpecker Pub where we took Kari Mena. His name he said was Jonathon and he was from 1843, he worked with horses when he was alive and he told me he dropped dead in the corner of the room we were standing in. He thought Kari and I were witches cause he knew he was dead he just didn't know what to do about it. A few nights ago Hubby and I went up there and Johnathon was really chatty, in fact he wouldn't shut up lol. He was listening to all the conversations and asking me what they were talking about as it was not familiar to him. He told me about a game he used to play with rocks, sounded like a pub game and a lot like marbles that we used to play. He told me he wanted to join in with what everyone was doing such as playing pool. It was fun chatting to him and helping him understand what the guys were talking about, he would speak directly to my hubby and then I'd tell hubby what Johnathon had said. He was in such a great place after we'd given him information about crossing over. He asked again where Kari was - think he was just checking the answer was the same and he repeated that he wanted to visit her. I said well you can incarnate again if you really want to play pool and have people interact with you and he seemed to get excited about that idea. He then came into the pool room to watch the guys play which he hadn't done before - he nodded at me from across the pool room. A little while later he was standing in front of me very excited and saying thank you, shaking my hand and his brother was with him - they both told me he was ready to cross over and with that Johnathon became sparkles of light and disappeared - I couldn't help but cry a few tears it was such an emotional experience. I hope he does visit Kari too. Such a lovely happy ending

I further found out that Johnathon was 36 when he died, lived somewhere called Sunny Bank and his last name was Crabtree. Check out his interview here – he was most informative.


Ghost story 4: My brother Andy and his ghost pranks at the Channelling Erik Retreat: so first he pulled Kari's hair. Then he pulled my shirt. He hid my white sage in the shopping bags, hid my specs under the blankets on the bed. Caused the lights to flicker in the other bungalow and opened the cabinet door in our bathroom. I took a peek into the cabinet, nothing there then closed it. Bent down to pick my clothes up and when I stood up again the door was wide open. It’s been an amazing enlightening weekend. We're about to eat traditional Indian feast with Shruti and her awesome family. I can't even begin to express the joy and expansion this retreat has given us all not to mention the star of the show Erik Medhus.

Ghost story 5: Ghost tour update. At my brother in laws they said can you see what's walking on the landing at night it’s noisy. I tuned in and it was an elderly man in slippers. I took Kari up there to meet him and she felt lots of tingles. I always ask why they don't cross and this old fella told me to "bugger off" lol so we did quick sharp!! There's also a cat who doesn't want to leave.


Story 6: Today Mick (hubby) and I went into Cheadle and wandered into a huge graveyard. On my right there was a cranky man then on my left I got pulled towards a gravestone and started to see a vision of the bones in the coffin beneath the ground then the energy made me feel like they died of chest problems. Before we left Kari said go find my grave but I forgot till after that so who knows it could've been one of hers. Later today we went to Croxden Abbey. There was a monk telling us not to walk where we were going, of course we still went and it turned out he didn't want us in the Abbotts private quarters. He then tried to chase us out of the high worship section _ I said to him why can’t we be here and he said women not allowed – I laughed and said good luck with that and went in anyway. As we were walking round he chased a family but they didn't see him telling them they couldn’t visit the Abbott’s place. Such amazing fun.


Story 7: Ghost tour update (warning long post hahaha): We had a brilliant day in York yesterday and it didn't disappoint me for its ghostly occupants either. Walking under the old Roman wall that circumnavigates the city, and once through the archway I looked up and a lone a Roman Soldier in full battledress with a spear in his hand was walking back and forth keeping vigilance. As we walked up towards the centre there was this little roundhouse and a spirit lady came out wafting a big sheet like she was doing the housework. We walked up to the Shambles and as I looked down the street a lady in period dress - beautiful Victorian style clothing and a big parasol walked slowly up the street towards us - she had these amazing laced up boots on - her dress was pinkish and white - I got so much detail from the visual I was so happy to see her mixing with the modern day crowd oblivious to them.

Then after a sneaky pub visit – gotta have a beer hehe – we went for a walk on the Roman wall but in a different part than where we came in, and as we walked along there were two Roman guards still playing their roles and they were leaning up against the wall and acting drunk. (This confused some people because spirits can't get drunk.) Spirits have no form so when we see them behaving this way it's a role play they are not done with yet. Belief is everything even as a spirit so if you believe you're still a Roman soldier you can believe you can get drunk. Anyway, as we walked past they started laughing and I knew it was at me, it was misogynistic- they were being what would today be socially unacceptable to behave like that around a female (or a man). One of them began to follow me he was flirting but not in a nice way, it was really disrespectful but again I was like ok I'm in a time-warp so I get this and I'm thinking this is hilarious!! I said to him why don't you go follow some other woman and he said cause they can't see me you can, words to that effect so on some level he knew he was a spirit or he wouldn't have said that.


So we ditched the wall and I ditched the soldier and went into York Minster - it is a whopper of a Cathedral and there was a lot of energy swirling around, in fact York is full of swirling energy there's so much activity there I couldn't separate out a lot of the spirits there, just swirls of energy. As we went in I could see spirit monks walking up and down the main hall which confused me because it is not a Monk type venue but given the ancient history I guess they had monks there at some point. We walked towards the end where all the Cannons usually sit and this one literally blew my mind, I saw a skeleton at the entry with a sword - why the heck does a spirit need to look like a skeleton - I have no idea folks it was out of this world for me. It didn't notice me, just kept moving it's sword about like it was practicing how to fight or stand duty. Now the site of York Minster has such a vast history, before the Romans came it was Celt occupied, then a Roman fort, then Normans and Anglo-Saxons so this spirit could've been there since forever - the sword though makes me think Medieval Period. I didn't speak to him he was a little creepy but also super fun to see that and I just watched him and his sword play.


Next we entered the under-croft that supports one of the big towers. Its history as you go through shows the old Roman murals and some of the Norman stuff as well as the modern day concrete foundations to support it. I walked around the exhibit and it's full of musty smells and heavy energy and as I got round a stone coffin on the other side a big Anglo-Saxon male was just sitting there with a little fire next to him making food. Apart from that I caught a glimpse of a ghostly priest giving mass upstairs and that was my ghost tour of York - well worth the visit.


Story 8: Last full day today and we’re off to Dover Castle which is a huge complex and ancient going back to pre-roman times. So Dover has a long military history and is riddled with underground tunnels, battlements and big guns. My first spirit was a British soldier that followed us into the tunnels and I tried to speak to him but he didn't reply or seem to notice he just bent down and tied his shoe so he could've been a replay of energy. I saw a lot of spirit nurses around there too. Anyway we walked into some kind of war room I said to Michael there's a spirit lady leaning over the war table then when we reached the other side of the table and old footage showed what I'd seen energetically which is always exciting to get validations. We then proceeded up to the castle past a church which began its life as a Saxon church and this spirit monk walked down the path in front of us and collapsed holding his chest, so I guess he died there.


Once inside the castle we were shown into a little room off a big hall and I could see a medieval lady in there and the other room was filled with angry male energies – a stressed out King perhaps. There was a 12th century chainmail hung up in another bedroom and I got the feel for fury it, was really disconcerting - I said Michael come look at my eyes cause I'm feeling rage coming off this chainmail - so bizarre.


Further up the tower we headed into a little prayer room and walking towards me what I think was a knave, walked past me through this little corridor and his energy was really sexual - sneaking around maybe servicing the royals (nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more [thanks Monty Python for the quote there])


There wasn't as much activity as I expected but there were a lot of visitors and noise tends to dampen spirit activity - probably better to do a night visit. But great fun nonetheless.


I hope you enjoyed this blog post about yee old ghost of the UK – there’s one more I haven’t written about yet and it was at the airport in Thailand as we transited through it. We’d been sitting for about 6 hours waiting for our connecting flight and Mick had gone to get drinks when I noticed white shoes out of the corner of my eye. I thought to myself, never noticed anyone sitting down so I looked and there was a spirit of a man sitting there about three seats down. We began chatting and he told me his name was Mr Honzee (can't spell in Thai) and he loved sitting at the airport watching the people go by and listening to their happy holiday thoughts. He also told me he was crossed over and just visiting, he had a daughter and two grandchildren and his wife was still alive. He told me that he realised during his life review that he had not put enough effort into his family and that as an employee in the finance industry he had lost his value as an old man – that the West had brought into their country the idea that being old meant less worth and so it was showing up in the work environment. I felt a little sorry for him as he seemed sad, at least when he talked about his life and what he had missed out on by doing what society expected of him instead of going with his heart. This was a lesson for me in doing what I want to do and not conforming to that which we’re expected to conform to, get a job pay bills and die – the moral of the journey is simply and honestly…. Follow your heart no matter what as your time in this incarnation is very fleeting and you can’t get it back so you have to do it all over again if you want to have those missed-out of experiences.

Peace out Lightsters <3

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