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Channelling Morecambe and Wise, British Comedy

November 11, 2016


What a week it’s been with the new President Elect in the US – the ultimate end to a crazy election process. We’ve just moved into our new apartment here in North Queensland and had to buy air-conditioners as it’s sooo hot right now, I am literally melting and still not got the internet set up till the 17th – It’s driving me crazy so I am borrowing my daughter’s internet as we speak.


On the Channelling Erik side of things - they're coming to Australia next year yayyyyy!! Well Kim is but we need to get Elisa here too. I have a few ideas on how to do that but for now get your manifestation hat on and help it happen. Elisa spends an inordinate amount of her own money to run the Channelling Erik phenomena and she can't get to Australia unless the event covers her costs. The event is in Brisbane and it's a long haul flight plus Elisa needs to have some down time here before flying back again - it's about 20hours flying time and having done this myself since living in Australia, back and forth to the UK, it really doesn't get any easier the older you get - my knees nearly crippled me the last time I flew to the UK. So please start planning your interest in the Brisbane event. It is truly a magnificent city to visit and have such a fantastic voice of Erik come to help us develop our own abilities - an opportunity not to be missed. Maybe we can get Kari Mena from our Shiny Show here too - they can all be travel buddies.


Eric and Ernie were two of the biggest comedy artists in Britain and entertained the masses week after week during the 70’s and before that the comedy circuit around pubs and clubs. If you like your comedy with a beautiful simplistic and innocent quality, yet complex enough to strike at the heart of who we are a humans then they’re well worth looking up – I use the word innocent quality because today’s comedians can’t seem to crack a joke without going to extreme subject materials. – there was a brightness and positivity about them that was wholesome and came from a place of love - you could let your kids watch them, they were family-worthy. Please enjoy a little banter and a little knowledge to brighten your day.


A: Hello Eric (I’m giggling already and I suspect our Erik Medhus is behind this).

ERIC: You’re right, Erik indeed plus we have the same name – that helped a lot. I don’t just appear to anyone you know – showbiz royalty me (Jokes).

A: I know and what an honour it is to be channelling you. I was thinking about the other duo – the Two Ronnies and you two showed up!!

ERIC: Don’t make comedy like they used to as they say.

A: You’re right, I miss British comedy from my youth, such good fun. Were you born to entertain?

ERIC: I was, I was indeed – wouldn’t have done me any good to follow a different path like the King of England or something like that.

A: Oh right haha – well yeah that’s a rubbish job I’ve heard.

ERIC: It is – all the pomp and posh nosh, no – no good for me. So yes I became and entertainer.

A: What drove you to pursue it in the first place?

ERIC: Well I wasn’t any good at anything else. Not the least bit interested in seriousness and I couldn’t help but crack jokes. Interviews would’ve failed me on the job market.

A: A regular job you mean?

ERIC: Yes I had no capacity to sit still and interview the boss.

A: [laughter] What was it about Ernie and you that made you both click so well?

ERIC: Because Ernie was short. Short people make good comedy partners.

A: I see [laughter]. How would you describe yourself?

ERIC: In two words – idiot

A: That’s one!

ERIC But who’s counting.

A: Was your life set up as a soul contract to be an entertainer?

ERIC: Yes it was, I think it was – scripted from a script as they say. I suppose I could’ve taken a different path but it wouldn’t have been a happy one. I enjoyed entertaining people. They laughed and I was quick witted, plus did you see my dance moves – made them up myself. (Proud face, but joking as he puffs on his pipe.)

A: Really, you made them all up?

ERIC: Well I let the BBC think I did.

A: [Laughter] well you do have great dance moves no matter who made them up. I see that your mum was pivotal in putting you and Ernie together as a comedy team.

ERIC: Oh yes, Sadie my dear old Mam, what a superstar she was. Had many an idea and when we got together we drove her batty which turned into the relationship of a lifetime. I’m very grateful for dear old Mam suggesting we team up.

A: It certainly paid off. What about you Ernie – could you have become anything else other than an entertainer?

ERNIE: No, no – was born into it, my father you see was driven towards the entertainment industry and so I was on the stage at a very early age and I loved it. I absolutely loved it and it was fated that Erik and I came together, absolutely fated.

A: What do you mean by the word fated?

ERNIE:  Well it’s like this, I was one glass slipper and Erik was the other and neither of us functioned without the other, just like a set of shiny glass slippers.

A: [laughter] I see. Did you ever have a fall out?

ERNIE: Not in so many words – like we were two parts of the same soul. We weren’t competitive within the relationship. There was no need for ego as we knew that Morcambe and Wise came as a team – of course we had ideas that differed but we were never trying to play off each other like some comedy teams end up doing and it destroys them. We were lucky like that. Our only loss was death; that was the saddest I’ve ever felt when I lost my old mate.

A: I can imagine, very sad.

ERNIE: Two sides of the coin.

A: What was your inspiration for your comedy?

ERNIE: Everywhere – dancehalls, movie halls, theatres, comedy sketches by older generations you won’t remember them but the comedy we grew up with had a lot of northern humour in it, not to mention the slapstick. We knew how to not take ourselves seriously.

A: How would you describe your lives?

ERNIE: Chaos.

A: Chaos?

ERNIE: Absolute Chaos.

A: What chaos?

ERIC: It was all go, go, go. You relied on your bookings for your income. No bookings no income and back then the entertainers weren’t paid very much so there are a lot of pressures to keep the money flowing and chaos often ensued. You had to constantly come up with fresh material so you weren’t repeating yourself, year in year out. Oh yes, you could roll out a bit of stuff over and over with a new twist but if you won’t keep the material fresh you lose your audience you see.

A: So the word chaos then, you both subscribe to.

Both: Yes we do.

A: I watched a documentary about your careers and at one point your TV debut seemed like a disaster.

ERIC: Seemed but wasn’t. Very harsh some of these critics and they’re here now, we’ve condemned them to downstairs (joking).

A: So have you made peace with them Eric?

ERIC: The ones worth talking to, we have yes (joking).

A: What did you both learn from this life?

ERIC: Well how to dance better than Ernie. (He likes to joke a lot.)

A: What about you Ernie.

ERNIE: I learned about friendship and love.

A: Are either of you incarnated again as we know it in this linear time?

ERIC: Yes I came back as Ernie and he came back as me.

A: (Can’t get a straight answer off Erik.)

Ernie: Leave it to me to be the grown up. Yes we both have lots of things going on in the incarnation market – it’s what spirits do. It’s how we all learn, you included.

A: Do either of you have any regrets about your lives as Erik and Ernie?

Ernie: Now that’s tough one, I regret that Erik died so soon but when you’re in spirit you understand these things and so what seems like a regret, a very human emotion really isn’t because we’re both here and we always are here no matter what is going on in an incarnation, there is no separation though it might seem that way for a while when you lose someone you’re close to.

A: What did you think about crossing over when it happened, integrating back on the other side etc. (Erik plays me a few bars of highway to hell by AC/DC Jokingly)

Ernie: Passing was tranquil for me, I felt very much loved in the process. I knew my time was up, I didn’t say much about it at the time but I felt it now I think about it, I felt that I was leaving and I felt everything was going to be ok as well and when I did step away from my body it felt like relief. My best friend in the world Eric was there to meet me with his pipe and we waltzed into heaven like we had just ended another show. (He puts the image of them both doing their end of show dance in my thoughts, it’s delightful and peaceful and so appropriate, even made me emotional). And that was how it ended for me. (Erik is playing a guitar singing “You Aint Nothing but a Hound Dog” now wearing a leather jacket. He seems to thrive off Ernie’s energy.)

A: What sort of advice would you give to anyone who is struggling to find their way here right now?

Eric: Well I would say eat more chocolate, dance more, joke more and be peaceful with yourself. I don’t like to give advice that might make me the less shallow one and wouldn’t want to spoil the image of a lifetime – but no really it’s about following your heart, your dreams. That’s what I did. And I know a lot of people will read that and put it down in despair thinking this is not me, me is not who he is talking to but you are exactly who I am talking to – if you’re a budding painter, then paint, a budding musician then play, a budding mathematician then go be a mathematician – there is no end to who you are – there I’ve said enough, I’m making myself look smart – Ernie?

Ernie: Well, I would say very similar you see Eric is smarter than he would have us believe and so that advice is solid, I would just add that you must be happy to create and that doesn’t mean you have to walk around with a painted smile on your face it means you have to find your inner light – it’s always there and it fluctuates but it never goes out no matter what is going on in your life – ignite the flame of passion and follow your toes – they always point in the right direction.

A: Aww that is such good advice – lots of people think they’re not connected to anything and so it’s nice to know that we’re always connected and can do anything we want to do. What do you both do on the flipside then.

Eric: Well I don’t smoke a pip anymore this is one I made up for the show here today – I do miss my pipe. What I like to do in the spirit worlds is talk to her spirits and see how they enjoyed their lives no matter which life it was – I sort of interview them I guess not unlike what you’re doing but it’s not for show or to share I just like understanding the whole spiritual dynamic of learning and how it feels to them when they do it. I think I’ll come back as a politician next time though.

A: Oh dear why a politician?

Eric: I want to play the narcissist roll, the roll where I don’t have a care for anyone but myself.

A: I find that hard to believe!

Eric: So do I so I won’t bother, what was I thinking oh yes – what to do next. Maybe a Masai warrior where I can charge through the planes of Africa and chase wilder beast.

A: Sounds exhausting.

Eric: Ok you’re putting the kybosh on my incarnations – perhaps I’ll come back as Ernie.

A: You already did that [laughing].

Eric: I’m all out of ideas – I know! I will be an Egyptian king.

A: Now you’re talking!

(He’s now fully dressed as the typical looking Egyptian King.)….

Ernie: Time to go Eric.

A: Bye, and with that they dance their exit




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