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John Glenn by Sara Kujawa

December 30, 2016


High everyone, hope you had a great and glorious holiday season and the new year will bring to you all your dreams come true, if you allow them as Abraham-Hicks might say. We had a lovely break from working, ready to get back to it next week. I got to spend xmas day with my middle child and her beau, it was lovely and relaxing, great food cause I cooked it of course and my Xmas dinners are notoriously famous with my kids haha I also have to announce that I've uploaded my new book Carry On Heavenly to Kindle. I had to change the name slightly as waiting for the publisher to do it was just too much to bare so the kindle version for now is called A Heavenly Carry On and here's some links to it. Hope you enjoy, if you do please give it a review on your Amazon account <3







Today we have a guest post by Reiki Master Sarah Kujawa and her impressions and insights from the crossing of John Glenn the Astronaut who had a stellar career - no pun intended. Sarah can be contacted HERE


After hearing about John Glenn's passing on December 9th, many memories of him and of our space program flashed by me.  I sensed Mr. Glenn around me after his passing but I didn't quite fit the pieces together until now so here is one layer of my puzzle. I was a child of the 60's so the space program was embedded in our American culture and millions idolized John Glenn who was the space pioneer living the American dream.  Fast forward to present day and I am still enthralled, amazed, and excited to learn more about space and the unknown, but now more from a spiritual standpoint.


My son Adam’s transition in 2014 was the catalyst to further my journey to learn more about what lies beyond this reality, including where my son was now, other realms and dimensions, time travel, spirit communication, and that there is no such thing as empty "space". And it wasn’t until today that I realized the importance of being so interested and intrigued as a child about space travel, outer space, and the unknown. Television shows like Star Trek helped form my belief systems which in turn helped me with my channelling and healing.  Thank you for that Spock!  I have come to truly know that anything and everything is possible!


Through thoughts, words, feelings, sights, sounds, and lots of humour, here are the messages I received.  Thank you to my guides Erik, Audie and my son Adam for helping me communicate with Mr. John Glenn this morning.  I have to admit I was a bit nervous for he had just recently crossed and I was a bit star struck and honoured although I shouldn't have been for his energy felt more like a loving fatherly presence. Mr. Glenn says it's ok for me to be nervous.  He acknowledges that he was and is an iconic historical figure during his lifetime.  He says he is very proud and pleased with his accomplishments.  I am being shown Mr. Glenn as a pilot in the war.  I can see and hear the fighter planes, it's all in black and white.  I can hear gun fire and I can actually feel what it was like in the cockpit.  I feel my own adrenaline rush as his did, keeping him focussed.  I feel his fearlessness and a definite sense of duty and honour.  This part of life was obviously an important stepping stone as an astronaut.


I now see him as a young boy growing up in the Midwest for I see corn and wheat fields.  I feel what it would be like running through a field and the sounds that my feet would make running through tall grasses.


Adam is showing me lots of fun movie clips where they show characters running through cornfields like in the movie Signs with aliens and all the classic Halloween movies like Children Of The Corn.  lol Everyday was an adventure for Mr. Glenn and even as a young child he so enjoyed life.  I see him climbing and doing typical boy stuff without a fear in the world.  He was fair, freckled, and carefree. Mr. Glenn met the love of his life when he was very young.  He is showing me his hands with her hands representing one, the perfect match.  I sense that love at first sight feeling and I now see him looking deep into her eyes...it was meant to be.  He says she was/is his better half!  I see in my third eye pink with emoji hearts floating all around them which are my symbols for true everlasting love with the feelings of soul mate, twin flame...destiny.  Mr. Glenn says everything fell perfectly into place and it was definitely meant to have happened the way it did and it played out beautifully. The "stars" were definitely aligned.  Mr. Glenn was an excellent top notch pilot.  Adam is showing me clips of the movie Top gun and I can hear the song "Danger Zone" playing.  I am seeing the nicknames from the movie, Maverick and Goose! Lol Mr. Glenn was highly skilled and passionate as were many, many other pilots who served. When asking Mr. Glenn about his most famous 1962 space flight orbiting the earth 3 times, I was shown images and clips of his training regimen.  I can actually feel the astronaut suite and being confined inside the capsule. The training was gruelling and intense but nothing prepared him for the amazing and exhilarating experience itself and the feelings he would have when he was actually out in space.  It was the sheer vastness and the beauty of it that was so awe inspiring and it put a new perspective on his life.


Erik is tossing in some humour now.  Erik is giving me visuals of astronauts relieving themselves.  Ugh!  Now Erik is showing me the character Howard on The Big Bang Theory and the episode where Howard was designing the new space toilet and had the prototype sitting in his living room! Lol


The final image Erik is giving me is of the female astronaut who drove non-stop from Houston to Florida in the fatal attraction love triangle case.  The woman wore adult diapers on her weirded out jealously mission to stalk this woman.  Crazy visual stuff thanks to Erik, Adam and Audie! Lol I am hearing lots of music from Mr. Glenn's era like Moon River, Fly Me To The Moon, and lastly, Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon.


I asked Mr. Glenn what his beliefs were about other life forms as a young astronaut and he said without a doubt he knew other life forms existed.  I am seeing this huge vastness of space, the enormity of it all and then this little capsule orbiting the earth.


Here comes some more heavenly humour for they are showing me the Dr Seuss story Horton Hears A Who and about the relationship of Horton the elephant communicating with the tiny Whoville community on the speck of dust.  :)


I am being shown that everything was recorded and documented and transcribed with all the space flights.  I am sensing the government not wanting to create chaos, wanting control, and creating a certain image like that of a heroic space program, which they did. Adam is showing me warehouses and warehouses full of evidence like The "X" Files.  ha ha


Another great accomplishment Mr. Glenn is speaking of is his space shuttle flight.  He enjoyed the crew and being part of the program once again and seeing the programs advancements felt like a continuation.  It feels like it was a joy ride for him, the pinnacle, the culmination, the icing on the cake. Oh my word, my guides are showing me Mr. Glenn standing with his wife and with a white cake piped in pink "icing" with a #9 candle and a #5 candle lit.  ha ha


Also, I get images of Christa McAuliffe, the teacher astronaut who flew on the fatal space shuttle flight.  I am sensing the importance of the role she played of bringing space travel virtually into the classroom and opening up young minds to the endless possibilities, broadening their awareness.  She taught them to be fearless and to follow their own passions as she and Mr. Glenn have done.  He was and still is very passionate about the space program and helping humanity.


I enjoyed connecting with Mr. Glenn as he shared his love for life, his pride in serving his country in war time, his political career, his aeronautical career, and what he was most proud of, his family.

Thank you Mr. Glenn for sharing with me today. You are such an inspiration to me and to millions of others.


In closing, the final one liner I hear from my team is, "John Glenn had all The Right Stuff." Thanks to my comedy spirit team Adam, Erik, and Audie for my own little joy ride today. (Erik Medhus and Audie Herron – 2 of the spirits that help Sara)

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