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Bodytalk for Beginners Class

August 13, 2017



I forgot to mention in my blog last week that I have an up and coming class on Learn It Live to channel your own body parts. This is a good segue into channeling your higher self and then on to the next step in your evolution of channeling. Here is the LINK


It is next weekend and there are two time-slots, one suits the US and Canada the other suits the UK and everywhere else including Australia and New Zealand. We will go through a series of exercises to get you comfy with chatting to other parts of yourself and getting clear information back this will lead you to understanding the everything is channellable and you can ask yourself lots of info and get a different perspective just by focussing on a different part of yourself higher or bodily. Please click the pink word above for further details. The class will be recorded so that if you miss it you can still register and join at a later date.


The other note is that I've added Alana Clark to the downunda blog I manage for Erik Medhus so here is the link for that blog as well.



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