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Magical Wisdom of Hades

October 30, 2017

Firstly - hello strangers! It's been a while. We have an event coming up on Learn it Live - Chatting with the Gods - linked HERE


I’ve been working with quite a few brilliant entities over the last few years and the most recent helper comes in the form of Hades. If you don’t know who Hades is he’s always given the title of bad guy as that’s how he is painted, but similar to Lucifer, there are no bad guys, there are only spirits who perform a function to your needs. To be brutally honest I know very little bout Hades that isn’t painted for us in movies by Hollywood and other movie houses. The only thing I can say about working directly with Hades is that he is quite a serious soul, not much for cracking jokes, but he is very efficient in the role I have asked him to play for me.


Alison: Hello Hades, thank you and welcome to the 21st century, you’ve been under the veil of myth for a long time.


Hades: That is right and rightly so until now there was really no need to come to the surface – It’s only when we come across the likes of you that it becomes time to open up and I guess this is such a time. I am grateful for the love and none-judgment you have shown me and I am honoured to participate in the help you have asked for at this time. To become a role for the greater good is an opportunity I do not want to miss. The planet is changing and with every effort the higher selves have opened up their hearts to changing the direction of this planet, so the days of me playing the bad guy really does belong in the myth annals of the Hollywood script writers. But let me tell you that those myths are not myths – they are ancient wisdoms put into a box of myth because man at this time was not able to really accept the truth about its own reality. The race as a hole is a young one and it is moving into the higher vibration for a newer experience – yes there are those that will truly wish to remain vibrating at the very low ebb of the scale and that is ok for them. They wish to live a fear-based life and we must not judge them for doing so as judgement will keep those that do it also at that vibrational level – everything is literally about vibration, when you shift your vibration you actually change your dimensional plane to another dimension plane and you cannot see those things in the same way – they barely are seen at all by people who have shifted their vibrations up to that of the Christ consciousness and I was one that help with that process over the years, my soul contract was to aid and abet anyone who wanted a dark experience much to my brother’s disgust but he too has his role to play in the underworld and the world at large.


Alison: Is it true that you and your brother sometimes fall out and don’t’ see eye to eye?


Hades: Yes we do act like typical siblings at times; that is our way though, it is not to be judged for we are not to be judged as beings we are doing and living the roles we seek to learn from.


Alison: Can you tell me more about the function of the underworld how was it even created etc.?


Hades: It was created as a need for man to be having an experience that extended their abilities into the darkness which they sorely and sometimes badly needed to experience – we each of us sought to aide man into their new role in the galactic neighbourhood and give them that experience so that they could truly one day step into their own power – that is happening now.


Alison: Is the underworld a real place or made up as in – exists but not reality?


Hades: Very little about what you know when in the human persona is reality, no the underworld is not a reality it exits by the power of thought and belief only, much like the Greek Gods don’t exist in the myth sense we exist in the spiritual sense to perform task that are arguably given to us by the collective consciousness.


Alison: Would you call yourselves creator Gods like the myth supposes you are.


Hades: Yes, Alison, that is exactly what we are, it is what we all are, remember your true power is that of creator God, and nothing less at all times.


Alison: One of the problems people face when they come into that knowing is how to be it. It is one thing to know it, it is another thing to be it and live it each and every moment. What advice would you give to people about how to maintain that state of wellness?


Hades: There are hundreds of books out now on that very subject and your favourite you listen to is the Abraham consciousness which much of us in the creator God myth sector will, from time to time, be part of as it’s what you draw on when you channel at certain frequencies; that call different aspects of the conscious elements of the universe for advice – remember I said that each vibration you emit is a dimension in and of itself and this is why there ends up so many conflicting points of view and which one you tune into is the right one for you at that time. Your own guidance system will keep you searching for the right vibration for you. I will tell you, that once you know what you know what you know for sure, then you are on the path to your greatest-self possible; and also that at each juncture not matter what that juncture is, that is the greatest version of you at the time. All too often I see people paint themselves into a corner of misery thinking that, they’re not the greatest versions of themselves at that point in their history and nothing could be further from the truth – I will gladly aid anyone in your group to find that power within themselves, to bring forward what they perceive as their greatest glory even though they are expressing that at any given moment.


Alison: You are one wise dude – I knew you would be a great interviewee thank you.


Hades: You are welcome and I will continue to assist you in all you glorious journey to the place which you feel is your greatest glory even though you are in it right now, remember that is where you are and always will be at any given moment, in your greatest glory, and when you do then there will be no problems for you (or anyone) as you will simply not see them.


Alison: So if I could summarise then, we are always in our greatest glory and we only are not because we think we are not, instead of thinking that we are and that is the vibrational kind of suicide that can drag us down so to speak.


Hades: Vibrational suicide, I like that statement. Yes, indeed, that thought process is exactly  the one that will bring you out of alignment with your human self and your highest self – there’s no place like home when it comes to alignment and you can be with but one thought out of that alignment at any given moment with our “ALL” self by “ALL” self I mean all your light bodies and your human body and your emotional body and your thought body they all need to line up and one emotion or thought can mess that up – you really all have to train your minds to allow only the good there is, which is where you’re at unless you think it otherwise. So a thought here random, for example, about the physical body, you don’t like a part of you and then that leads you to feeling bad about that part of you and that transfers to that part of the body then you might look at another part of the body and see fault with that and pretty much before you know it you are fully out of alignment with your whole physical body on the physical and emotional level, which no longer agrees with your light body as that in all its glory sees only the best of everything.


Alison: Do you have any practical steps people can take that will help them not get into the non-aligned state?


Hades: Again I repeat that within the Abraham consciousness is all the information you need but I would suggest strongly that retraining the mind to appreciate the beauty within all of your parts so if we continue with the physical body what is it that you’re relying on to make a judgement that your body is not ok, for example is the media telling you what is beautiful instead of you know that no matter what your shape or problem is you are beautiful, and if that beauty does not serve you as it is, then love it until it does serve you into what is, then you will know your true glory is right there in your own hands aligned and perfect.


Alison: Is there anything you would like to add about your life for example as so far we have got some amazing and beautiful spiritual advice about how to get into the right mindset.


Hades: I wish people to know that all the spirits that come here to participate in the glory of humanity that they do so with love and by request to assist man in having the best experience possible. Now one man’s gift is not another man’s glory and so on, I mean that what you think is a gift will not necessarily be to someone else and so that is where judgement begins to fail you as a species. When you stop judging and start observing that all is well and in its place, that all of humanity is doing what it came here to do, that no matter how bad that can feel, you must accept that it really is what you’ve asked for and so see it as that – a request to the universe to give you the knowledge of your own powerful nature.


Alison: One of the complaints I get from people when I interview dedicated creator Gods is that “come down here and try it”, for example they feel bad about child abuse and rightly so it’s unpleasant etc. and they want practical solutions for it, they think that you guys are ignoring these real-world issues.


Hades: That is because they cannot see that those real-world issues have been created by the need the human race in general at a time when it needed to understand pain – it no longer needs to understand pain. The pain period is thrashing and waning and so those people who choose to have that experience and that is another key to the puzzle. Everyone who experiences pain does so at their own request, it is participatory for the sake of gaining that power of their true nature back and so I say to them if you have such a problem, why do you have such a problem, is it from fear of it happening to you that you have that problem. If so, then you are out of alignment with your true self and you are creating more pain for the people involved by giving them the victim aggressor stance – don’t do that and it will be gone in no time at all. If you feed angry lion, it will eat you out of house and home, period!


Alison: So it looks like you are going back to judgement


Hades: More than that, I am going into the fear-based reality that is thrashing its way out of the annals of experience, as we speak.


Alison: I see, I get it, let the pain go, forgive it maybe if it’s needed?


Hades: Yes, forgiveness is all, I would say that most people now develop fear and anger for such things have brought something of a past life with them and need to go and heal that – not all spirits will heal themselves in the afterlife because they see it as a way to continue to grow with a new life and let go of another one by doing so.


Alison: We have almost 3 pages, we might end there. Can I get my group to ask you questions either about you or how to live an empowered life and we’ll come back and do another session? I so enjoy our interactions – you are one of my favourite souls


Hades: We go back a ways Alison so yes, I am happy to aid anyone in your group reach their belief they are already in their highest good.


Alison: Thank you, hugs to you my friend, I love you.


Hades: I love you too.

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Magical Wisdom of Hades

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