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Helloo from the back seat

January 14, 2020

Long time no write, in fact, I can't remember the last time I put out a blog but here I am in the midst of my full ascension coming back to my higher self. Currently we are in the process of merging and its been quite a journey, not one that needs discussing as it's been a full meltdown and a full crack open. I have regained many of my soul memories and what a journey we all went on to get here. I am loving it on many levels, even the heart breaks from knowing what I know about the intricacies of incarnating. I spend most of my time in my group sharing delicious tidbits from the never never. Please join us on Facebook where we discuss absolutely anything, we leave no stone un-turned and everyone gets to ask questions and share their journey. My group is not like the others because I love to keep things bouncing and fun and even a little saucy at times. You can join by clicking this LINK.

I have also started arranging classes for healing and ascension subjects so keep the group close to your heart and join us on your own journey, share your stories and ask questions, we always do our best to find the answers. Archangel Michael and Erik Medhus are my two main guides at this time but also my cheeky higher self will drop a few bombshells as we go, she is full of mischief with information.

I also currently have a special on readings 30 minutes for $30 through out January and February. See you in my group, we are family so come find us and have some fun. Peace love and blessings to all, no matter where you're at in your journey, you are welcome. Over and out.....Alison

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