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Alison did a reading for me recently and it gave me great comfort to confirm that my mum and brother were in a good place, and she also confirmed to me some crazy things that have happened in my home, which turns out to by my brother's sprit. So much, that today he sent me another sign... a packet of paintbrushes were on my bedroom floor. He was an artist! I asked him for another sign this  morning to confirm it was him. Alison also gave me some great direction in my life and a peace knowing that things are going the way they should. She also described what my mother thought of me 'as a very strong woman' and  she conveyed something that my brother said that was exactly the words he told me when he was alive. Alison is a beautiful soul who gives peace to those in grief. Highly recommend a reading.
Deb Carr, Editor and Publisher Sydney Chic Blog

Alison was the first mediumship reading I had ever gotten. It turns out I am very glad I chose her, as it was a pretty big deal for me. From the first seconds of our reading, a parade of loved ones were coming through, identifying themselves based on ailments and their characteristics. Alison was able to help me find answers to questions I had for them for years and years. She introduced me to spirit guides, one whom I received a very special sign from not 15 minutes after our reading. She gave me confidence in my own intuitive abilities and continues to be a very supportive person in my spiritual journey, on top of being very funny and sweet. She is genuinely invested in her clients’ healing, and she is punctual and professional, which I appreciated a lot. Thank you, Alison! - Kirsten, Canada

I had a wonderful session with Alison. She is very open and easy to connect with. she was able to bring Erik's communications in clearly, very concise and easy to follow, not to mention completely spot on and exactly what I needed. It is wonderful to speak with someone so down to earth and so talented, the information she brought in was tailored to fit my needs . I cannot express how grateful I am for your gift! I happily recommend your gift to others seeking validation from their loved ones.Thank you Alison, I will be back! - Hemangi, India

Thank you Alison Ailfinn Allan, for the reading you gave me a month ago, and told me that my guides, in particular, Archangel Michael, said my life purpose is public speaking in this life time. The opportunity of a radio interview, as far as I am concerned and also felt at the time, was/is the beginning of my journey...... I Thank You and I Appreciate Your Abilities! Knowing for sure where to focus and go, IS the GREATEST Gift you have given me. <3 <3  Nomanono Nonokazi Isaacs, Author, UK

Bless Alison for translating the energy of Abraham--what an amazing energy I wanted to be a part of after seeing her YouTube with Abraham and listening to the Audios of the first book. Immediately it was a calling forth, and an invitation into a bubbly, sparkly Joy--stepping into the Vortex with Alison and Abraham was natural and a complete delight! Naturally, I went to historical feelings of where I can step outside/feel the sludge--and it didn't feel so good--it felt flat, almost boring, like I was telling a story--yet again...after we completed, I went through a sort of rewiring (brain lost the desire to 'figure it all out'); I experienced Abraham's presence that is all the above and so tenderly helping to pull back into the flow/alignment; experiencing (his) delight at the opportunity to create (such beauty!) with me. A big energetic (and verbal) YES for 'meeting' this energy that feels like family, and feels like ME and feels like God :) There is so much more...Carol USA

I can highly recommend Alison, she is not only a very gifted medium, she is very knowledgeable about metaphysical and spiritual matters. Alison was able to connect easily with my guide, and to offer insights which were life changing.. Alison is also very kind, and puts one at ease with the subject matter.. I have had readings all of my life, but I have never had an experience similar, Alison is the real deal! There isn't anyone better! - Jane, Nabraska

Awesome show girls. You girls really did an absolutely AMAZING job here you have no idea just how well. It's really really important like I've said so many times to remember you're not alone. I'm so glad such information is coming out. And for some reason I have to say if any one is wondering is this real ~ LOL yeah it is Real, this almost couldn't have been any better girls I really must say I'm absolutely floored with how it all went down. And for a lot of us who have seen and felt and experieneced a lot of the issues you discussed this was some serious validation. - Shawn, New Jersey

Just to let y'all know- I had a session with Alison Ailfinn Allan this evening and she was AMAZING!!! Specific things that were weighing on my heart were addressed and it helped me tremendously. I went from this 😞 to this πŸ˜€. She is the real deal. So kind, too!
Many blessings for this work that you do, Alison. Hope to meet you in person some day and just give you a hug πŸ˜„ Sending lots of love and good vibes your way πŸ’• Lisa Long. USA

I found Alison on Facebook as a member of the Channeling Erik page. She was offering free readings to the CE family, so I signed up for one, and am so glad I did! The free reading was jam packed with validation after validation from not only my deceased family, but also from one of my spirit guides who she introduced me to. Mind Blown! Now I like to think of myself as a regular because I book a reading with Alison every month, and I'm on a fixed income! I talk to my family, learn about past lives and thoroughly enjoy how she walks me through spiritual experiences my 'non-psychic' self can't go alone. I'm more excited about my earthbound life knowing it won't end just because I will die some day. I bought a reading for my brother who has been grieving our parents' deaths for far too long. Our parents came through and talked to my brother, and Wow!, he went from Sad Sam to Happy Gilmore almost overnight. I love and thank Alison for that. She has a great gift and I'm so glad she shares it like she does. My brother and I think she's the cat's meow! Lorrie USA